CHSLD: “they lack a lot of beauty”

CHSLD: «Il leur manque beaucoup de beauté»

“There are people with Alzheimer’s who no longer recognize their family, but who sing the lyrics of La vie en rose. It is very impressive. You sense that you realize their sufferings during forty-five minutes.”

Three or four times per month, before the crisis the strength to take one’s distances, Jordane Labrie was in the CHSLD of the greater region of Quebec city to present short performances.

Army of covers of favorite songs of the patients and his large heart, this former candidate of The Voice offered comfort to those who have become the main prey of the coronavirus in Quebec.

The singer from Quebec Jordane occurs for two years in a CHSLD.

“It really makes a difference in their lives. After the shows, they come to us, they talk to us, tell us their stories. We have set up a repertoire consisting of songs they know, Jacques Brel, Edict Piaf, Leonard Cohen with his Hallelujah. These are melodies to which they are attached, and which remind them of precious memories. It is really rewarding.”

“I’ve had the cortisone injection”

It is at the invitation of the SAMS (Société pour les arts en milieu de santé), that Jordane has started, two years ago, to move from NURSING homes into NURSING homes to entertain the beneficiaries.

This is not volunteer work. The artists are paid, but they do not make a fortune. “These are the minimum prices of the Guild. We don’t do it for the money but by good will.”

The singer from Quebec Jordane occurs for two years in a CHSLD.

At the beginning, she admits that she did not know how she would feel. “But as soon as the first two or three times, I was hooked.”

No surprise

Given its commitment, the disaster which strikes the network of CHSLD the upset. But do not surprise.

The holes in the walls, the elderly who receive only rarely or never have visitors, the helpful staff but not enough and out of breath: at the option of the shows, Jordane has found out the jumps now in the eyes of Quebecers, namely, that all the ingredients were in place to ensure that the coronavirus causes a heavy toll in NURSING homes.

The singer from Quebec Jordane occurs for two years in a CHSLD.

“These people have been left out of the side before the pandemic,” laments she.

Back with the music

Even if she confesses that there will be “some stress”, Jordane will answer this as soon as she can return to sing for the seniors.

“I’m really excited because I know that they lack a lot of beauty. At this time, their morale must be completely to the ground. (…) I am waiting for my call.”

She insists. It will be necessary to reconnect with these people, forgotten, and vulnerable, once the crisis has passed. “They have things to teach us, and they have made it so that we can lead the life we have today. If I can give them with the music, this is the least of things.”

Now more than ever, they deserve.

The SAMS: 7000 concerts in ten years

Jordane is far from the only one to give a few moments of happiness music to patients in NURSING homes. For the past ten years, nearly 7,000 concerts have been given in 235 of care settings, divided in twenty regions of Quebec. The general and artistic director of the Société pour les arts en milieu de santé (SAMS), Françoise Henry, we told you a little more.

How many artists are part of the SAMS?

“We have 200 musicians this year who participate in our activities. In the region of Quebec, we have artists of the symphonic Orchestra of the Opéra de Québec, the Violons du Roy, La Strada.”

In what ways do you fund your activities?

“Circles of care that we receive pay a small amount, below our cost, since that is our mission, then there is the private funding which is very important for us from foundations and corporations. In Quebec we have the support of The Capital for a few years. Once the crisis has passed, we can continue a project that we had with them for concerts in the three big hospitals of the province: the CHUQ, CHUM and CUSM. Finally, we also rely on the support of granting agencies, such as the City of Quebec for concerts on its territory.”

What are the benefits that bring the music to the beneficiaries?

“They are very numerous. It stimulates the functioning of the brain and physical, it helps to express the emotions and promotes the sharing, it brings a sense of calm and security, it reduces stress and improves the quality of sleep in addition to alleviate the pain, physical and psychic.”

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