CIA for the first time in history headed by a woman

Through her controversial biography of the senators opposed her appointment to the leadership of the intelligence.

ЦРУ вперше в історії очолила жінка

Gina Haspel – Deputy Director of the CIA – led U.S. intelligence Agency and became the first woman to lead this institution, reports Rus.Media.

About it reports The Washington Post.

In this position she replaced Mike Pompeo, who is the President of the United States Donald trump was appointed head of the Department of state is Rex Tillerson.

Gina cherry Haspel (born 1 October 1956) is an intelligence officer of the United States. She joined the Central intelligence Agency in 1985.

Several members of the Senate intelligence Committee urged trump to reconsider her appointment to the post of Deputy Director of the CIA. They were especially concerned about reports that Haspel took part in the unauthorized destruction of videotapes that documented the torture of two detainees by the CIA.

As noted by the American press, prior to this appointment, Gina Haspel supervised the torture of two terrorism suspects during the brutal interrogations in secret prisons in Thailand.

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