Ciccone upset by his day spent in a CHSLD

Come lend a hand in a ltc facility, the member of parliament Enrico Ciccone is overwhelmed by the magnitude of the tragedy that afflicts the elderly. The ex-hockey player calls for more reinforcement.

“If it is necessary to call the army, to call it. It is in an emergency situation. The world dies in a CHSLD, it seems that the world is not that. It is necessary to return to the world, and fast! “says he with emotion, after two days of work at the accommodation Centre Nazaire-Piché, Lachine, Montreal.

“Me, you give me $ 100 per hour, and I would not be able to do this job-there full time, recognizes the liberal member for Marquette. They need to be better paid, it is clear and certain, but it takes more than that, because it is not everybody that is able to undergo what you see there. Me, when I saw the bones of a tailbone because there was [the patient had] a big bed sore, it doesn’t make good sense. The knees I have folded, I became white. “

Fallen in battle

Even before the call of François Legault, Enrico Ciccone had lifted the hand to give a boost. As soon as Friday, it was sent on the ground. On his arrival at the CHSLD, he was able to see the serious lack of staff. After two hours of work, two attendants of his team left the place after having been informed that they were infected by the coronavirus. Fourteen of the 18 patients in whom they were to serve had the COVID-19.

“I was supposed to do the laundry, prepare the trays and give them to eat. Two hours after, I was changing diapers. It was overwhelming, I felt bad because I felt that I brimais the dignity of someone, you’re not used to it, I felt embarrassed towards the beneficiary, who was looking at me. I wasn’t prepared for it, it really is a time of war “, recalls the ex-NHL player.

Sunday night, her team take care of 22 residents had only three other people : an accountant and an engineer came to like him lend a hand, and a nurse. A woman came in reinforcement later.

Conditions of another era

“The first person I have given it to eat, I was crying in my mask, this is terrible, I can’t believe it. That can’t be conditions of the same, one is in Quebec in 2020 ! “, plague there.

“We can’t give them a shower, because if you give them a shower, it is necessary to disinfect a shower for the next one, we don’t have the time to do it. Then we washed the best we can, to the hand. That’s the reality “, he insists.

The elected indicates that this is a difficult job, physically and mentally.

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