Cindy Ouellet: an athlete who is not sitting idle

Cindy Ouellet: une athlète qui ne chôme pas

Quebec’s Cindy Ouellet was the first Quebecer to participate in both the winter paralympic Games that summer. Those who practice as much wheelchair basketball as kiteboarding background puts the mouthfuls double for the containment due to the pandemic of sars coronavirus.



“Outside, I couldn’t play basketball, because it was cold and the parks were closed to Quebec. I’m quite lucky because I have a gym at home, emphasized the athlete of 31 years in the broadcast “Hello, Hello! Weekend”, Sunday, on TVA. So I have been able to continue strength training. With the return of good weather, I started to play basketball outside.”

If she participates in the next two Olympiads, Ouellet will have a busy schedule since the olympic Games in Tokyo and Beijing will be held at six-month intervals.

“It’s going to have to make a few adjustments, she recognized. My concentration is on basketball in 2021, this is my first sport. The cross-country skiing, I’m still quite new, I’m going to try and qualify for the Games, do some world Cups next year and we will see what happens with that.

Speaking of busy schedules, Ouellet is also pursuing a degree in biomedical engineering.

“This year, I had taken a session of rest, because I really wanted to train me for the Games, she entrusted. As the Games are next summer, I think I’ll start again. I’ll have to change my schedule. I have a busy schedule, I get up early, I train, I try to study a little bit and I try to see my family, FaceTime currently. I try to balance everything as I can.”

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