Cinema in virtual reality

A helmet screwed in front of the eyes, a seat that vibrates and 360 à images. As a national preview, the virtual reality experience on a D-Box articulated wheelchair is now available at Cineplex Scotiabank in Gloucester, Ottawa. This pilot project tested in the region could well revolutionize the way of seeing films in the cinema.

1 0 seats with helmets await spectators in the movie arcade. For $ 12, taxes included, another world awaits you with the impression of having become an actor of the film, after an introductory session organized for the press.

The first movie available lasts only 12 minutes, but the immersive experience is well worth the detour. The story of a brother and sister in pursuit of a dog, in a world populated by dinosaurs and waterfalls, offers especially the opportunity to expose the possibilities that this new technology allows.

With the help of a facilitator, you just need to adjust a helmet that completely isolates the surrounding universe. Animation Raising Rukus (English only) plunges us into a chase in the air and on the water. Trained in a waterfall, one restrains himself not to shout. The image is clear and unfolds when you turn your head. The shaking of the seat accompanies the obstacles of the expedition, no escape seems possible. The visual journey was designed for young and old, says Cineplex’s vice president of operations Daniel Séguin.

“The pilot project is launched at Cineplex Gloucester because this cinema is very busy, he says, it attracts families and stays close to Montreal, which allows us to more easily follow the evolution of the project. ”

Will virtual reality be the great innovation of this new decade? Or a new gadget that will disappear supplanted by another?

“For now, our strategy is to develop a complementary experience for the viewer,” says D-Box Technologies Vice President Yannick Gemme. The virtual reality offering is not expected to benefit from its own room. At first, it will be integrated arcade games to ensure better visibility. Tickets will be sold according to the availability of seats, during opening hours of the cinema, without constraint of sitting time.

“We rely on the curiosity of the audience, most people have never tried virtual reality. If the project is successful, we will export the product to other cinemas, “says Séguin.

It’s the first time in Canadian theaters that virtual reality is paired with D-Box seating technology. The effect produces an immersive, hyper-realistic immersive entertainment. The film offer should also be enriched with new features, especially horror films. The session is just beginning.

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