Cinema: “We pay for others”


The temporary closure of cinemas in Montreal and Quebec City will have disastrous consequences for the Quebec film industry, believe the film distributors who once again had to upset their entire release schedule following the government's announcement.

“It is a decision which remains incomprehensible to me and which will have a huge impact on our industry,” lamented the producer and distributor Christian Larouche ( Louis Cyr ) on Tuesday, still shaken by the news of the day before.

“It's frustrating because we have the impression that we are paying for the behavior of people who continue to party, when it has been proven that there has been no case [of COVID- 19] in theaters and that theaters were safe. It's going to be a very difficult fall for cinemas. “

In the wake of the Legault government's announcement, all Quebec films that were to be released in the coming weeks were postponed to later dates. This is the case with Souterrain , the director Sophie Dupuis, but also Mon année Salinger (by Philippe Falardeau), La contemplation du mystère (by Albéric Aurtenèche) and Le Club Vinland (by Benoit Pilon).

Launched last Friday, The Goddess of Fire Flies will be withdrawn from theaters this Thursday so that it can be relaunched when cinemas located in red zones can reopen their doors.

Several French films expected on our screens in October also suffered. Some distributors still wanted to keep a few titles on the schedule to give cinemas a boost in regions that are not in the red zones.

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