Cities of the future: what will look Nice-West in 2050?

Nice-West will become a hub of multimodal. — EPA-Mateoarquitectura

  • The largest wooden structure in France will be built in this area to the west of Nice, in the plain of the Var.
  • His workers will be setting up their computers on the office terraces.

And if traveling with closed eyes. It climbs a train, a plane, a tram or a bus to get off at Nice-West. Arrived in the plain of the Var, we re-opens the eyelids in 2050. On the occasion of the
National days of architecture, 20 Minutes, imagine what it would be like the landscape that défilerait in front of our pupils in 33 years.

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A Nice-West, parking garages, gray, and vast warehouses have disappeared. Instead, a business area brings together ” companies, headquarters (international and national), local business development, lists the director-general of theEPA (Etablissement public d’aménagement) Olivier Sassi. This will change the face of this neighborhood. “And innovative companies, outstanding architecture. Thus, the largest wooden structure in France will rise in this
plaine du Var to accommodate 7.900 m2 of offices, of the tertiary sector to the world of start-ups.


If the landscape will change, habits will change. In 33 years, the computers leave the open spaces for… the great outdoors. A Nice Meridia, offices, terraces will be installed on the balconies to enjoy the warmth of Nice and its 2.696 hours of sunshine (or even more, global warming requires).

Offices in terrace will be installed at Nice-West. – AgNicolasLaisneAsso

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It is by public transport in 20 Minutes you arrive in this area in the future. And this is not a coincidence. Already occupied by the second largest airport in France, Nice-West will, in 2050, a truly multimodal transport hub. This hub will also include a tram line and a railway station. “All forms of transport will be in connection, identifies who is responsible for the EPA. Everything will be more simple, we will be able to from the city centre of Nice and to get to the airport more easily, passing by Nice-West. “

Libraries and plots.

“If it is not in the transit, this is not a neighborhood. It is necessary to avoid that Nice-West is a transit route and a place where people come just to work and that one hastens to leave in the evening “, warns Christine Voiron, professor of geography at the university of Nice. In 2050, it is clear to Nice-West the introduction of “urbanity” away from the “grid of lines without the soul” : “The urbanity, it is built around places of life. Not only the shops “, she insists. As well, the Nice will be taking over the libraries and the plots. “In order to regroup, there will be more vegetation. It creates well-being and a peaceful atmosphere In our home, in the summer, we search for the shade, a place to relax and take the time to discuss it with someone, ” says Christine Voiron.

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It is time to close the eyes and return to the October 3, 2017. In the era where we are not going to walk to the Arenas or to Nice-Meridia for fun. In the era where this area is not only synonymous of transport and work. “Nice-to-West will be what the citizens want it to become,” says the professor of geography.