Civil society of cannibals. The dual tragedy of Ukraine

Гражданское общество людоедов. Двойственная трагедия Украины

© RIA Novosti, the stringer the incident with the Deputy chief editor of “cosmopolitan Ukraine” Evgenia Playnoy, forced to resign because of the negative public response to her post on Facebook, allows to draw some conclusions about the state of Ukrainian society. Not particularly optimistic.Myself the scene: the 4th of December in Kiev said goodbye to those killed in the Donbas Lieutenant Colonel Denis by Volochaev. Plaina accidentally came across a funeral procession and wrote about it in “Facebook”.

Actually, the young lady is clearly talented, and the post itself was witty, well written, with kindly humor. In General in any other situation is appropriate.

Another thing is that the reason is self-evident dissonant. Someone else’s death not a reason to exercise in wit (even if it Babchenko). And all the jokes about the funeral — bad taste (even if it’s the third funeral in three years the Secretary General). And even charming manner of the patriots to carry the bodies through the streets of the jokes doesn’t excuse. In General, it is clearly not balancing the moral side of the issue in literature. Although, perhaps, something clearly insulting the memory of the deceased, in her post there.But the claim to Playnoy arose not because of moral proportionality, and due to the fact that she will desire to giggle to death (not even death and the funeral) “Oh what a man” — the patriot, the defender, the hero! Ho it! And causing nauseam the statement that civil society had a red line that you can write, and what not.

And here the questions begin to resent society.

Just a few days earlier, the sister of the late Colonel — also a patriot, a veteran, hero, sniper, etc. Andrew Lavreha in the middle of the city cynically, in front of witnesses (including parents) shot a three year old child. Will not go down — accidentally or intentionally. Shot and all. What line pursued by civil society?

And no. Horrified and that’s it.

Though if the killer is a veteran and a patriot, so he had to bail to get to and from the prison to get as Sternenko. In the end, he did nothing, he was not engaged until three years to the ATO. And than as he did, by the way, the late Lieutenant-Colonel of Volochaev.

If the killer is still the killer, then the society had to hold a red line in a different place — scrubbing the authors of the numerous posts and comments relative to the fact that the child is properly killed, because his father is from the Donbass, the separable (owner of a chain of grocery stores in Donetsk) and in General — so be it (again, again, sniper was doing in Kiev the same work as in the Donbas).
Civil society links between Laurelai and Volochaev saw. And hold the red lines in the authors openly cannibalistic posts did not. They’re not giggling, and just argued that killing children is right.

After that, it is not surprising that Vladimir Zelensky treatment records in connection with the Day of the Ukrainian army and with a crying facial expression is trying to persuade the soldiers to come back alive (although his government wants to send, especially now that a truce and ceasefire, but he indirectly admitted that the same was sent; though not for personal gain, but merely the will reflecting the hybrid aggression of the nation), forgetting that only recently there was a terrible tragedy in Odessa and that he never expressed his sympathy in connection with the deaths of civilians in the Donbass.

No, political rhetoric and the atmosphere in the Ukrainian society has changed. But the content of the egregore has not changed. The war continues in the heads. And if it does not erode out, then the world will not. Vasily Stoyakin

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