Classifications without follow-up or reminders of the law for most of the demonstrators arrested in Paris

    Classifications without follow-up or reminders of the law for most of the demonstrators arrested in Paris

    “Global security” law: Classifications without follow-up or reminders of the law for the main part of the demonstrators arrested in Paris (Illustration) – ERIC DESSONS / JDD / SIPA

    Forty people taken into police custody as part of the demonstration against the controversial proposed “global security” law in Paris were dismissed and 41 were recalled to the law, announced Monday. parquet.

    While 124 people had been placed in police custody in Paris on Saturday, including 105 adults, the Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin had qualified in tweets the people arrested as “thugs” or “ultra-violent individuals”. Forty of these detainees saw the procedure aimed at them dismissed, while 41 were the subject of a reminder of the law, including 30 after presentation before a magistrate, according to the Paris prosecutor’s office.

    Fifteen immediate appearances and convictions

    Fifteen of those held in police custody were returned for immediate appearance, including eight which took place on Monday and at least four which are due to take place on Tuesday.

    According to elements collected by AFP, a protester was imprisoned Monday after his sentence to ten months in prison, five of which were closed for violence against a person holding public authority in recidivism, participation in a group and outrage. Another defendant was sentenced to ten months suspended prison, one to four months suspended, another to three months suspended. A person on trial on Monday had his trial postponed and was placed under judicial supervision by then.

    Apart from these people in immediate appearance, four other people will also be tried in the coming months. Five people are also the subject of ongoing investigations, including one entrusted to an investigating judge.

    Regarding the 19 minors placed in police custody, the Paris prosecutor had indicated on Sunday that 14 had obtained a classification without further action and four a summons before the delegate of the prosecutor. One last had seen his police custody lifted for further investigation.

    “Arbitrary arrests”

    After two demonstrations against the global security law marked by violence in Paris, the police on Saturday changed tactics by intervening throughout the demonstration by “offensive leaps” to challenge any person suspected of wanting to constitute a “bloc “.

    Several associations and unions, as well as LFI elected officials, denounced “arbitrary arrests”. Among those arrested were at least two journalists.

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