“Classified” is unchecked. The story of one photo

Гриф «Секретно» снят. История одной фотографии

These days, 16 years ago, NATO bombed Yugoslavia. But few know that the operation was to begin early, when the trees are devoid of vegetation, and lying in the mountains the snow hampers movement of enemy ground forces. Operation “Resolute force” was originally scheduled for the end of winter.

And suddenly in the Yugoslav Newspapers, there’s this photograph, which is a great surprise for the Anglo-Saxons. This is a photograph of anti-aircraft missile systems s-300 standing on the armament of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Гриф «Секретно» снят. История одной фотографии

The presence of the enemy the s-300 NATO troops frightened and forced to undergo an operation, to take additional measures to carry out investigation. The authenticity of the photographs was a no-brainer. It took another few weeks, and had received intelligence report — With-300 the great bluff of the Yugoslav media.

Staged photo “of the Serbian calculation of the s-300” has delayed the beginning of the war, which affected the reduction of losses of the Serbian army.

So here’s this photo. In Russia was brought in a few sets of Serbian uniforms, has been issued a pass to one of the suburban parts of the defense.

On the photo: Vasily Prokhanov (my friend Bob, with whom in the summer we went to Yugoslavia to help the brothers to the Serbs) and Vlad Shurygin (our mutual friend, now known military commentator).

Nikolay Nikolaev