Clearing the past: what to do during solar Eclipse



The second of July the inhabitants of the Earth waiting for a total solar Eclipse. As the Moon hides the Sun’s disc will be seen in the Western hemisphere. The best places to watch will be South-East Pacific, Chile and Argentina.

As a total solar Eclipse will affect the inhabitants of the Earth, in the Studio of TV channel “MIR 24” said the rector of the Russian school of astrology Mikhail Borodachev.

Michael Borodachev: Astrology is same as astronomy, only in the application to earthly events of people’s lives. And nothing wrong with that. Eclipse again millions of years, and twice a year there is a so-called corridor of eclipses. It means that all is well, that the axis is not shifted.

Michael Borodachev: From the astronomical point of view, no peculiarities. But from the point of view of life of the biosphere and of society, of course. We will reminisce about the past, there will be nostalgia for some, but the future will be to build plans. Now it is very useful to close the past, to pay the debts, to wish all the best to those who have offended. Work on clearing your past will be very effective because the Sun and Saturn form an axis. This is about two weeks. Plus physical cleaning procedures.

Michael Borodachev: Absolutely. Even the ancients associated the Eclipse with the Eclipse of consciousness. This temporary clouding causes a reaction in the biosphere and in the personal sphere, in the human aura. It all happens differently. Someone, on the contrary, intuition includes and someone gets depression, fears, complexes.

Michael Borodachev: When watching the inhabitants of America this Eclipse, it is worse. On them it has a psychological impact. Under consciousness out of some phobias, fears, conflicts. Eclipse really enhances these mental responses, and there is a disturbed beehive.

Michael the bearded man: It’s the same thing that Safari in Africa. People who are looking for adventure, adrenaline. It is their way of life.

Michael the bearded man: it is Impossible to take down, because it will be for a long time. Of the depressed pits can help to get only the neighbors, because to the person it is difficult to do. It is not necessary to sit in the grief, you need to go to the people, because the evil forces there. They will seduce, for example, to spend money on something.