Click the tree to see what changes you can expect in the new year

Look at the image. Select a single tree for your garden. Be careful and listen to your inner voice.

Виберіть дерево, щоб дізнатися, які зміни вас очікують в новому році

A lot of people love psychological tests. Some admire such tests, to test themselves, others want to learn something new, and some like to party or use the result to find inspiration for something new, informs Rus.Media.

We have prepared for you a test that is based on color psychology. In addition, the results reflect your hidden wishes for the new year.

Look at the image. Select a single tree for your garden. Be careful and listen to your inner voice.

1 – Oak

Most likely, you are one of those people who always think the glass is half full. For you life is a great adventure full of unexpected things.

The new year offers you a pleasant and important events, because you are open to new experiences and ready for change. You don’t have to feel tied down or restricted circumstances. You are full of passion to new achievements, and each of them will bring another pleasant surprise.

2 – Larch

Perhaps independence is your main trait. There are no boundaries that can get in the way of your choice.

Your creativity is likely to lead to an increase in your income in the new year. You don’t have to try very hard to achieve success in work: all you need to do is to remain faithful to the principles and thoughts and you will get what you so longed for.

3 – Maple

You are a sensitive person. You spend a lot more time than other people, thinking about oneself and the surrounding world.

In the new year in your life will appear the person with whom you will build a harmonious romantic relationship. Despite the fact that you are a self-sufficient person, and you rarely feel bored, your life will be brighter and more adventurous.

4 – Alder

You are very practical and balanced person. Near you comfortable because you are reliable. Although you are strong, sometimes you don’t like it when people see you weak. That is why you may have problems building relationships with the opposite sex. In the new year, however, you are in for a pleasant event.. you Have a good chance to meet someone who can appreciate your kindness and do not try to use it.

5 – Myrtle

You believe in yourself. Everything in your life is under control, you never hope on luck, but rely solely on their own strength.

You never put it off, and you feel satisfaction only after you finish the begun business. The people around you feel that you are strong and you really like them. Thanks to your perseverance and responsibility, in the new year you will progress in business, what is the logical result after all your efforts.

6 – Plum

You peace-loving and intelligent man. You love spending time with my friends, but you also like to be alone.

Sometimes you just need to think alone about the meaning of life and relax from the outside world. And even if you need your private space, you will be a very important event where you will meet the person you will open your soul. And it won’t be wrong.

7 – Lime

You are a confident and analytical person that people can count on. Your sensitivity always helps you to understand what really matters.

You will meet the person you really appreciate. It will be someone whose sense of style will be as graceful as yours. To do this, a person’s culture plays a very important role.

8 – Chestnut

Perhaps other people think that you are a dreamer and romantic person. You don’t want to see things rationally.

The most important is that you feel. When you stop to chat with people who rely only on your mind, you get closer to the moment when you will meet someone special. This man also has dreams and he or she will not limit how you Express your emotions and feelings.

9 – willow

You an extrovert. You love to take risks and take responsibility in exchange for interesting work.

Are you tired of the routine and waiting for the chance to play a big role in some events. Thanks to how active you are, you are waiting for changes that will help you to take the lead. The long-awaited moment of glory is nigh.

Which means your choice:

The wood you choose, shows how you feel about yourself and what changes you consider necessary in your life. Your choice can also describe the hidden traits of your personality that you don’t know.