Client Giuliani gave the U.S. Congress related to the Ukrainian scandal recording

Клиент Джулиани предоставил Конгрессу США связанные с украинским скандалом записи

© RIA Novosti Igor Mikhalev the lawyer’s Client is the President of the USA Rudy Giuliani – Leo Parnassus has provided to the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives audio and video recordings and photographs related to the US efforts to persuade the Ukrainian government to launch an investigation against the former Vice-President Joe Biden. On 24 Nov according to ABC News, citing multiple sources.According to Parnas provided the records in the execution of the subpoenas issued to him by Congress. Among other things, the Committee on intelligence of the house of representatives was the number of documents in English and Ukrainian languages. Some materials contain discussions between Giuliani and trump.

However, some of the documents requested by the investigators of the Congress, is already in the possession of Federal investigators in the southern district of new York and may not be transferred.

In the US this fall, the Democrats initiated impeachment proceedings of President Donald trump. The reason for the proceedings was an American informant that trump tried during a telephone conversation on July 25 to convince the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky to start an investigation against the son of one of its potential competitors on elections of the President of the United States Joe Biden — hunter.

In October it was reported that in the United States on charges of violating the rules of campaign Finance was arrested businessmen Parnassus and Romana. The American media is actively covering the subject, emphasizing that these people advocate the US President Giuliani called his clients.

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