Climate conference in Madrid: a chance for Paris agreement

Конференция по климату в Мадриде: шанс для Парижского соглашения

Conference on climate protection COP25 will be held in Madrid. It will also discuss what to expect from ecoactivists Greta Thunberg, which is part of the route to Spain will do on the ship – in the material DW.In Madrid from 2 to 13 December will be held the UN conference on climate change (COP25). It is expected that it will take part in 20 to 25 thousand people. Among them – heads of state and government, scientists, politicians and public figures. Initially the conference was scheduled to be held in the Chilean capital Santiago. But because of the continued protests was prompted to change its location.
“I’m glad that after the failure of Chile was a place where will be held the summit, and grateful to Spain for what it is for such a short time agreed to organize an event of this magnitude,” – said in an interview with DW, the Minister of environmental protection and nuclear safety of Germany Svenja Schulze (Svenja Schulze). According to her, this is a huge sign of solidarity on the part of Spain and a very important message: “the Summit will be successful if we succeed in increasing ambitions of the participants. In other words, the country needs to do more than promised.”
At the summit we will talk about the implementation of the Paris soglasheniya the summit will focus on the implementation of the terms of the Paris agreement on climate protection, signed in 2015. Then, 190 countries pledged to take measures in order to prevent global warming. In September of this year to the climate agreement and joined Russia.The main objective identified in the Paris agreement – to reduce emissions СО2в atmosphere that is the reason for the increase in air temperature by 2 degrees Celsius, and global climate change. Countries agreed to strive to reduce this figure to 1.5 degrees. To do this, you need to exert more efforts to protect the climate. Scientists believe the measures are insufficient and warned that global warming is already leading to irreversible consequences. But it is unlikely at the summit in Madrid will set a higher goal. For now, only a small number of countries, primarily in Asia and Africa, has promised to do more for climate protection.Others, such as Brazil, is not ready to consider climate protection a priority objective. In early November, the President of the United States Donald trump finally refused to comply with the terms of the Paris agreement. According to the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany Masa Heiko (Heiko Maas), USA is not the only country in the world that is not going to deal with this issue. He noted that Germany deeply regrets that the United States withdrew from the agreement, but hopes that this is only a temporary solution. However, “next year, don’t expect to be special breakthroughs in environmental policy and protecting the climate nor the organization of the G7 presidency in which the United States nor of the G20 under the chairmanship of Saudi Arabia,” said Heiko Maas.
However, those countries that have made commitments for climate protection, is still far from the target. So, Germany, intends to 2020 to reduce CO2 emissions by 40 percent, this goal is not reached. One of the reasons experts call the slow shift away from coal for electricity production and growing emissions of exhaust gases in Germany.
The environmental activists will support Greta Tunnelsystem slow country commitments listed in the Paris agreement, makes the environmental activists are increasingly protests. “Decisive is the pressure coming from the street. As an example – demonstration for Future Fridays, which are held every Friday,” says Anne-Catherine Schneider (Ann-Kathrin Schneider), an activist of the environmental Association Bund.
Meanwhile, the leader of the environmental movement for Future Fridays, the Swedish activist Greta Thunberg will also attend the summit in Madrid. She has to make the long journey by sea. For environmental reasons the girl refuses to flights on airplanes that, according to her, are one of the main sources of emissions of greenhouse gases.
Therefore, 13 of November, she started from the port of HAMPTON in the U.S. state of Virginia aboard a 15-metre catamaran La Vagabonde. The activist was invited on Board a couple of Australian yachtsmen bloggers Riley Whitlam and Elaine garosu leading channel in YouTube. The ship operates a professional skipper from the UK. In addition, on Board are Greta’s father and 11-month-old son of an Australian couple. A catamaran with virtually no carbon footprint, it is equipped with solar panels and hydrogenerators. The need to cross the Atlantic on a ship occurred after the summit was moved from Santiago to Madrid. “Everything is moving slower than intended,” wrote Greta in his Twitter. About the same thoughts trying to get politicians to pay attention to climate protection and environmental activists.

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