Climate day: Greta Thunberg wants to “increase the pressure” on decision-makers

Climate day: Greta Thunberg wants to

STOCKHOLM | Swedish activist Greta Thunberg demonstrated on Friday in front of the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm, on the occasion of an international day of action for the climate of the movement “Fridays for Future” where she intends to “strengthen the pressure on those in power”.

“Our main hope is as always to try to have an impact on the level of awareness and public opinion so that people start to realize the climate crisis, and that we increase this pressure on those in power. so that things can change, ”the 17-year-old girl, surrounded by a dozen young activists, told reporters.

“We have to treat the climate crisis as a crisis, it's as simple as that”, she continued, with her famous sign “Skolstrejk för klimatet” (“school strike for the climate”) in hand and sanitary mask on the face.

From Iceland to Australia via Jamaica, more than 3,000 actions are expected Friday across the world – online or in the street – at the call of the Fridays for future movement, of which Greta Thunberg is the instigator.

In Sweden, some 250 events are planned, but will not be able to bring together more than 50 people each, according to the health restrictions in force in the kingdom.

“We are focusing on being few in many places and keeping our distance,” the activist said.

Since returning to Sweden after a sabbatical year to defend the climate cause across the world, Greta Thunberg has resumed the habit every Friday morning of settling near the parliament, where it all began in 2018, to demonstrate.

In addition, UN Greenpeace on Friday released photos of Mya-Rose Craig – an 18-year-old ornithologist known as the “birdgirl” – taken on September 20 in the Arctic. On the pictures, the young woman appears on a piece of ice in the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, located on the front line of climate change, a sign “Youth Strike for Climate” (“Youth on strike for the climate”) by hand.

“I'm here because I want to see for myself what is playing out as this essential protector of the planet, the Arctic Ocean, melts at a terrifying speed,” she said, quoted by the organization. .

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