Clinton has accused party colleague, in cooperation with Russia. The one in debt has not gone

Клинтон обвинила коллегу по партии в сотрудничестве с Россией. Та в долгу не осталась

Former candidate for US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton declared that one of its members planning to compete for the nomination in the next presidential election, enjoys active support from Russia.

According to Clinton, the Kremlin would like the election was the third serious candidate in the democratic sense – this would split the liberal electorate and would be re-elected to Republican Donald Trump.In an interview with the head of his campaign, Clinton said that “the Russians have my eye on someone from the Democratic party and incited the woman to go to the polls to third candidate”.

“She is a favorite of Russians. They have launched several sites and bots in her support and help her and other methods,” she said.

Although Clinton did not name the man who would become such a candidate, the media immediately agreed that we are talking about Tulsi Ms. Gabbard member of Congress from the state of Hawaii. Herself, Ms. Gabbard also took the statements of Clinton it to my account.

In his “Twitter” Ms. Gabbard called Clinton “the Queen “the hawks”, the epitome of corruption and the epitome of the rot that has long been struck by the Democratic party.”

“At the very moment I announced his intention to run against me began a well-organized campaign to destroy my reputation. We wondered who started it and why. Now we understand”, – she wrote.

According to Ms. Gabbard, a campaign could run Clinton, using his connections in the media and military circles. “Stop cowardly hiding behind their puppets. Join in the presidential race itself,” she concluded.

Ms. Gabbard, a veteran of the fighting. She goes to the polls with anti-war slogans – in particular, it proposes to end all US military operations in other countries and to cease to play the role of “world policeman”.

Клинтон обвинила коллегу по партии в сотрудничестве с Россией. Та в долгу не осталась

The holder иллюстрацииSAUL LOEB/GETTY IMAGESImage captionТулси Ms. Gabbard is on the primaries in the Democratic party with anti-war lobuglio TV Ms. Gabbard has faced allegations of collaboration with the Russian authorities, but strongly rebuffed. In addition, she has officially ruled out the option where she will go to the polls as an independent candidate in case of defeat in the primaries of the Democratic party.

“Russian asset” and “feeding the war machine”

In turn, Clinton is not the first time accuses of potential candidates in presidents of the United States in cooperation with Russia. Previously, she has called the “Russian asset” Jill Stein, candidate for U.S. President in the 2016 elections for the green Party.

“Yeah, she is the asset of Russia. I mean, absolutely. They [the Russian authorities] understand that without a third candidate they do not win,” said Clinton.

Stein responded to the words of Clinton in the same vein as Ms. Gabbard. In her opinion, Clinton’s statements demonstrates how “the establishment uses a new cold war to deal with dissidents and feeding the war machine”.

“Instead of having to deal with the difficulties faced by our working class, they’re trying to make enemies of the forces of progress. It seems as if they want to play Trump,” wrote Stein in his “Twitter”.

In past elections, Stein gained about 1% of the vote – it was supported by about half a million voters. This amount Clinton could be enough to beat trump, but it’s worth noting that many voters stayn in any case, ruled out the opportunity to vote for the democratic candidate.

The campaign Stein from Russia mentioned in the report of spectracolor Robert Mueller. According to him, Russian citizens and companies are really trying to promote a candidate from the green Party in order to siphon votes from Clinton.

She stayn in 2018 confirmed that it considers credible information about a possible intervention of Russia in election. She said she strongly condemns these actions, but believes that the U.S. itself they often do.

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