Closure of child care centres private non-subsidized: a decision is questionable, according to several parents

Workers of essential services to denounce the closure of day care centres private, non-subsidized, believing that the situation could disrupt psychologically affected children, in addition to increasing the risk of spread of the virus.

Little money, lot of risk

Both parents feel that the decision is purely economic, and that it dramatically increases the risks of contagion, for the savings to be made.

“We have a lot of health care workers who are going to try to find places. The attendance rate of 20% will rise to 30%, with the increase of the risk of contagion”, he laments.

Khalid Daher, president of the quebec Alliance of private day care centers, non-subsidized, believes that it is a burden which workers in essential services were not required.

“The institutions that are still open are afraid to receive the children of those parents who seek a place at this time. They will have trouble finding a place. Why not leave the situation as it was”, he laments.

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