Closure of the salons: hairdressers thank Legault

Fermeture des salons: les coiffeurs remercient Legault

The salon professionals welcome the decision of the prime minister of Québec, François Legault, to close all the lounges until 1st may to stem the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

According to Gervais Bisson, president of the professional Association of employers in the hairdressing Québec, it was more than time that this measure is taken by the government of Quebec.

“When there has been the request of Mr. Legault to distance himself from a meter of each other last week, the vast majority of our members had closed instantly,” says the man, pointing out that a hairdresser of course can not be more than a metre away from his client.

For Mr. Bisson, the new measure is welcomed with open arms by the industry, whose professionals were concerned for their own health because of the current pandemic of COVID-19.

“It was the logical, the right thing to do, to close the salon, even if, financially, this will not be evident for several.”

Same sound of bell on the side of the Association Coiffure Québec, which asks all its members to be united in this event. “Thank you and finally!”, one can read in one of their publications on social networks.

Bend to the rules

However, several small salons or hairdressers independent might want to make a mockery of the new prohibitions of the prime minister and continue their activities, even at home, says Mr. Bisson.

“Now, the government should ensure that it comply with the new measures it has put in place. From our side, we appeal to the conscience of the share of all hairdressers to follow the new rules to prevent the spread of the virus,” says the one who is also the owner of Coiffurium, Sherbrooke.

“It’s unfortunate, but we are in a pandemic international. If we want to save our neighbors, our family and ourselves, it is necessary to respect the instructions of the government”, he adds.


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