CNN analyst: it is better if NATO was celebrating its 70th anniversary — it does not know why there is

Given the current situation it would be better if the NATO did not conduct the summit in honor of his 70th birthday, says CNN analyst and correspondent for The New York Times David Sanger. According to him, the Alliance does not understand what is the problem he needs to solve in the first place — whether it’s a confrontation between “revanchist” Russia, the growing power of China or the withdrawal of the unit from different regions. The members of NATO did not even try to solve the most pressing and volatile issue — namely the purchase by Turkey of the Russian complexes With-400.

Аналитик CNN: лучше бы НАТО не праздновало своё 70-летие — оно уже не знает, зачем существует

With us from Washington out CNN analyst on business policy and national security, as well as a correspondent for national security The New York Times David Sanger. David, let’s start with the video of the conversation with randomly included microphone, the carrier’s press corps, and my friend Andy Lawrence. It is unlikely that it can piss off trump more than when the “cool guys” laugh at him behind his back, but will it have serious consequences?

DAVID SANGER, an analyst at CNN’s Affairs policy and national security: you Know, trump is not one of those who just hold grudges. When he said that he believes Prime Minister Trudeau’s duplicitous, if I remember correctly, that’s what he told reporters, before he somewhat abruptly left the summit early. Obviously, it bothered him. He likes not only to control the flow of the conversation and make a schism, but to force others to accept his authority. This is what happened at the NATO summits a few years ago. Now, however, other leaders have got to know him and, I think, found it Council. Did you notice that Prime Minister Trudeau is not to say that they have repented of their words? It seems to me that, in his opinion, he was caught in a truthful statement in a private conversation. However, if you turn a blind eye, NATO was created 70 years ago to ensure that, by and large, to keep Stalin away from Europe. The successor to Stalin to Putin, must be liked, not only this incident, but also the overall level of fragmentation of NATO. DAVID SANGER: IN some sense, it would be better if they did not celebrate the 70-th anniversary. First, it would be wise to mention it in Washington, as the agreement was signed there. But if you decide to hold a summit in Washington, then you should at least in General terms describe the tasks of the Alliance. And if to forget about the incident with trump, they have failed. Whether the task is to contain and rebuff to revanchist Russia, which is again trying to show its power? If she is in search of a approach to the growing power of China? Is it to build offensive cyberportal, to be able to repel the attacks in this area — after all, every NATO member is exposed to them every day, and most of them comes from Russia? Is the main task in the withdrawal of troops from different regions, as proposed by the President trump? Not sure, does this trump, but NATO left the Balkans and from Afghanistan. However, he, apparently, is configured to perform any of the tasks of NATO, in addition to containment of Russia. What about Erdogan? They also managed to achieve a small success on his return to the fold of NATO? DAVID SANGER: Yes, it is slightly retreated in terms of their objections to NATO’s activities in Eastern Europe and so on. However, in regard to the fundamental question — namely, the deployment of Erdogan, Russian air defence systems s-400, which is designed to destroy air vehicles, which he bought in the West (and we, thus, may help Russians to understand the technical features of these aircraft), this problem does not solved. And if it was somehow solved on the level of private meeting between President Erdogan and trump, we certainly didn’t hear. In other words, it is obvious that in NATO there is one country that truly deviates from the General course, and that contempt for the rules, and this country buys equipment from serious opponent. And NATO has no mechanism for dealing with such problems. They can’t expel a member of the Alliance. And even if such a mechanism were, they would have gone for it. This is the the most sensitive and volatile issue that no one wants to touch. Material provided by CNN International.

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