CNN: Bolivian President forced to resign — but to leave the country he is not going

CNN: президента Боливии вынудили уйти в отставку — но уезжать из страны он не собирается

Bolivia was shaken by a “political earthquake”: when faced with accusations of election fraud and pressure by the army and the opposition, the President of the country Evo Morales has decided to resign, reports CNN. As the correspondent channel Patrick Oppmann, despite the fact that the former Bolivian leader criticized for authoritarianism, and several countries have offered him political asylum, Morales to leave the country is not going to.

Meanwhile, this day brought Bolivia a major political upheaval. The President of the country Evo Morales has announced his retirement after nearly 14 years in power. The second Deputy speaker of the Senate said it will replace the President in his post, because the rest of the policy, which was to take his place, can also leave their posts. That’s the way the former President announced his resignation.

EVO MORALES, the former President of Bolivia: Brothers and sisters of Bolivia and the world. Together with the Vice President and Minister of health, I would like to inform you that I listened to the Bolivian worker center as well as the Catholic Church and made the decision to resign from his post of the President.

The news crowds of people met with jubilation lifting into the air flags. This is a big change for the protesters, who a few weeks ago took to the streets with accusations of fraud Morales after the latter was credited with the victory after the elections, which took place last month. The details will tell us CNN correspondent Patrick Oppmann.

PATRICK OPPMANN, CNN correspondent: Bolivia was shaken by political earthquakes, once a staunch supporter of leftist Evo Morales, who was long the President of this country, was forced to resign. This week was rich in violent protests and accusations of Morales in the election fraud that allowed a President to serve for a fourth term. All the charges Morales has rejected, saying that it is trying to overthrow. However, after the publication of reports of widespread fraud in Sunday Morales finally offered to hold new elections.

However, for the opposition, the military and police this proposal is late, and many of them rebelled against Morales. On Sunday, the head of the military said that Morales it’s time to leave the office — and a few hours later he did so that was a shock for Bolivia, and for a large part of Latin America. According to him, the post he had to leave because of the coup, however, realizes that if he refuses to leave, there will be blood, which he wished to avoid.

Many critics of Morales noted that he became too authoritarian and did not plan to leave his post, becoming, in essence, a dictator. Although Morales and left, he received offers of asylum from several countries. However, Morales said that although he’s not the President of Bolivia, he’s not going anywhere.

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