CNN: the Pentagon has acknowledged that U.S. policy and Turkey helped ISIS

CNN: в Пентагоне признали, что политика США и Турции помогла ИГ

The operation of Ankara in the North of Syria and the reduction of US military presence not only enabled the IG to strengthen their position, but also hurt the fight against terrorism, reports CNN. In addition, it is noted that the death of the leader of the group Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi will not stop its restoration.

Terrorist group ISIS has used the Turkish operation against Kurds in Northern Syria and a drawdown of American troops in the country to “strengthen its position and capabilities to carry out attacks abroad“, reports CNN with reference to the report of the Intelligence Department of the Pentagon.The Ministry of defense felt that the two countries not only allowed the terrorists to restore capabilities and resources, but also affect the fight against “Islamic state”, which “continues to pose a threat in the region and around the world.””With the reduction of the operations of the Syrian democratic forces and the United States in Syria, ISIS had the opportunity to take advantage of reduced counterterrorism pressure to revive operations in Syria and to expand the possibility of attacks in different countries”, — said the inspector General of the Pentagon Glenn fine.So, despite the continuing threat, the United States suspended the training of Kurdish forces. In addition, according to the report, neither Turkey nor its puppet forces will continue to fight with the terrorists, despite public promises of Ankara.However, in the Pentagon believe that in the North of Syria will remain unrest and the dire humanitarian situation created by the Turkish invasion. Thus, the agreement between the USA and Turkey, under which Turkey has suspended military operations against Kurdish forces exist only on paper.Nevertheless, Washington continues to supply weapons to the Syrian democratic forces, as well as discuss the idea of maintaining a military presence in Syria.”The Ministry of defence is considering the preservation of minor ground presence in selected areas in the North-East of Syria, which may facilitate more effective operations against IG”, — said the Agency.The destruction of the leader of the group Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was killed during a US RAID in Syria on October 26 is “likely to have little impact on the ability of the IG to recovery,” reports CNN, citing a report.

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