CNN: the U.S. will spend billions on new submarines, in order not to lag behind China

The U.S. Navy signed a record contract in the amount of $22 billion to build “the most modern submarines in the world” — nine submarines of the “Virginia,” reports CNN. Thus, the Americans plan to respond to the growing military might of the Chinese Navy in the Pacific, said the TV channel.

CNN: США потратят миллиарды на новые субмарины, чтобы не отстать от Китая

ReutersВМС the United States signed the largest contract in history, worth more than $22 billion to build “the most modern submarine in the world.” We are talking about the creation of nine nuclear submarines of the “Virginia,” reports CNN.

The new deal “marks the latest response of the U.S. Navy on the growing military power and aggressive actions of China in the Western Pacific ocean.” Such opinion in interview was expressed by Carl Schuster, a former operations chief of the joint intelligence center Pacific command. “The PLA Navy (Chinese Navy. — Inotv) is getting better and bigger, so the US Navy has to retaliate. This does not mean that China is the enemy, but for his actions, of course, see,” — said Schuster. Percussion submarine type “Virginia” — the key platform multi-purpose submarine of the U.S. Navy. They are able to deal with other submarines, ships and ground targets, as well as to conduct special operations, including to collect intelligence. 18 submarines of this type are already in service with the us naval forces, nine more are in various stages of readiness. But nine new submarines will be a much upgraded version. In comparison with their predecessors, the new submarines will be larger — their displacement will increase from 7800 to 10 200 tons. They will become longer — from 377 to 460 feet. In addition, modernized “Virginia” will noticeably increase your firepower — they will be able to launch 40 cruise missiles “Tomahawk” instead of 12, drew the attention of CNN. Experts have repeatedly warned that the US is experiencing “unprecedented pressures” in the Pacific region. In the first place by the Chinese Navy, which achieves enormous progress, increasing the number and improving the quality of their submarines. So, previously the head of the American command in the Indo-Pacific region in Hawaii Philip Davidson told the Congress that the activity of the submarines of the “three enemies of the United States in the Pacific region”: China, Russia and North Korea — since 2008, it has tripled. According to the Admiral, he must respond to this trend, to maintain American supremacy in the region, but for this he needs submarines. Davidson complained that only gets half of the submarines that are needed for daily patrols in the Pacific. He argued that in the future the situation for the U.S. Navy will look “awful.” “We will lose our quantitative advantage in about 2025. I think it would be a problem for our investments in the region,” he said. In the spring the Pentagon report it was reported that by 2020 the PLA Navy will put into operation about 70 submarines. Moreover, it is expected that Beijing will continue to build up its forces in the next five years will begin to “mass produce” advanced attack submarine, similar to “Virginia”. The August report Australian analysts from the University of Sydney has questioned America’s ability “to keep pace with the achievements” of China and warned that Washington is faced with a crisis of “strategic insolvency”. The authors of the study stressed the advantage in an underwater fight, which the United States are in danger of losing, will gain importance in the regional balance of power, recalled to CNN.

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