CNN: why Democrats should perform elections in the UK

CNN: почему демократам стоит проанализировать выборы в Великобритании

Washington — the Complete destruction of the labour party in the elections in the United Kingdom has become for Democrats, the obvious warning about the potential dangers of attempts to lead a more moderate electorate is too far to the left.In addition, the defeat of the labour party have demonstrated a deeper similarity between the policy of the United States and the United Kingdom, which potentially could pose a more long-term threat to progressive parties in the cultural and political meanings they have lost touch with their basic voters — with the working class, living in the Central part of the country — that is, those people whose interests they must protect.The most important warning that American democracy can learn from the defeat Jeremy Corbin (Jeremy Corbyn), probably, is that when the party head goes into its own ideological debate, it risks to lose sight of the subtle changes within her base.The leader of the Conservative party Boris Johnson managed to get a lot of places that have traditionally belonged to the labour party, and to win the support of the traditional base of the labour party — have United in the unions of industrial workers. When on Thursday evening, December 12, election results, the situation was very similar to the evening of election day in the United States in 2016, when trump won the support of voters of the industrial Midwest, which has traditionally voted for Democrats.As in the US, the UK residents of these electoral districts has suffered for decades from economic downturn — ironically, much of this decline was a result of the liberalization of the economy, which the conservatives had initiated in the 1980-ies. As a result, in these electoral districts is deeply entrenched anger and resentment to the tories belong to the upper strata of society, such as Johnson.However, the Prime Minister of great Britain through their simple requirements to respect the outcome of the referendum on the question of withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union is the goal, supported by many representatives of the working class and in respect of which the labour party has not yet finally able to formulate their positions — were able to influence the political opinions of a whole generation.As for support centres of the labour party, here, too, there have been some changes and the leaders of ideologically radical left wing of the party in London has obviously lost sight of that. Some former industrial areas have gradually begun to revive. A new industry began to emerge on the site of coal mining and steel production, which has been supplanted by globalization.This led to changes in the demographic composition of a number of electoral districts in the “red wall” of the labour party, and the memories of large-scale strikes of industrial workers and clashes with the conservative governments in the 1980-ies gradually erased from memory.Once the labour party was untouchable in factory towns and mining towns in the North of England and the shipyards of Scotland and was increasing its influence at the expense of the once vast trade unions.However, over time it began to be perceived as more socially liberal party that began to support residents of large cities and which is culturally estranged from many of its more conservative voters from among the workers of the industrial belt of the United Kingdom. Today’s unions have no such power, like they had before, and the split between supporters of liberal views in major cities and supporters of conservative beliefs in rural areas plays the same role in the politics of the United Kingdom, as in politics of America.Obviously, the Democratic party in the US has experienced exactly the same shear — conservatives seized on this factor, when in 2016, Hillary Clinton criticized trump’s supporters, calling them “outcasts.”It happened at precisely the moment when trump has created a new image of the Republican party and began to appeal directly to the workers of industrial enterprises, disillusioned with traditional politics and economic measures, which they thought left them behind.The irony is that a billionaire from Manhattan, whose name is written in big letters on his private jet, rich, educated at Eton, found a new approach which allows to attract to their side voters from the working class.Corbin strayed too far to the left?Keynotes political analysis of the causes of the crushing defeat of labour party in the UK will be familiar to all those who closely followed the election campaign of the Democratic party in the United States.Such moderate candidates like Amy Klobuchar (Amy Klobuchar) and Joe Biden (Joe Biden), accused their more radical rivals such as senators Elizabeth Warren (Elizabeth Warren) and Bernie Sanders (Bernie Sanders), the use of dangerous methods of Corbin.The former Vice President has publicly made such a comparison on one event and fundraiser on Thursday evening, December 12, when results of elections in the United Kingdom.”Boris Johnson won easily, — said Biden. — Let’s see what happens when the labour party was rejected so far to the left. It puts forward ideas that cannot be contained within rational justification”.Michael Bloomberg (Michael Bloomberg), billionaire and centrist, which launched its own campaign, because he believes that Democrats have hit the extreme and can’t win trump also touched upon the elections in the United Kingdom.”A catastrophic defeat Jeremy Corbin in the United Kingdom is an obvious caveat: we need a Democratic candidate that can overcome Donald trump, after a re-election campaign that will resonate among Americans from very diverse backgrounds,” wrote Bloomberg on Twitter on Friday, December 13.Now between candidates from the Democratic party conducted a heated debate on issues such as expanding the role of the Federal government in health care and free colleges, as well as an argument about how ideologically pure should be their party.Such disputes have been underway for many years since Corbin became the leader of the labour party. He turned back the modernization project, which helped former Prime Minister Tony Blair to win election.Cultural and political shiftAmong U.S. policy and the policy of the United Kingdom often observed similarities. In the end, these two countries are large Western democracies, which have the same economic, cultural and demographic forces and factors.Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan and former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Margaret Thatcher almost simultaneously initiated a conservative Renaissance in both countries in the 1980-ies. Ten years later, bill Clinton and Tony Blair moved closer on the basis of centrism the “third way”.And on Thursday, December 12, the British decided to make their choice in favor of the fair-haired leader with populist tendencies, which has a rather complicated relationship with the truth and who openly expresses his disdain for the press.No doubt, trump will inspire the victory of Johnson, who managed to obtain the largest conservative majority since the re-election of Margaret Thatcher in 1987.”Perhaps this is a harbinger of what will happen in our country. Last time it happened,” said trump to reporters at the White house on Friday, December 13.Again great Britain will set the tone for trump?The unexpected results of the referendum on the British exit from the European Union have become a harbinger of trump’s victory in the presidential election later that year and formed the basis of the same populist, utilitaria trends — although trump statements that he knew in advance the results were just a figment of his imagination.However, the victory of the conservatives and the electoral fight within the Democratic party and the harbingers of the re-election trump may not be a perfect analogy for the race ahead of the election in 2020 in the United States.Corbin is always a radical figure. He could become the left’s Prime Minister in British history. His platform, which included a sharp increase in public spending and the nationalization of the energy companies and Railways, much more ambitious than anything we can plan Sanders. And this despite the Senator of Vermont’s promise to hold a “revolution” and plans to establish a system of insurance where all health care costs paid by the state. Complaints trump the fact that Sanders is a radical socialist, would be more justified if they belonged to Corbin.And problems Corbin was not only political.His identity and history of relationships with radical and extremist global political groups such as the Irish Republican army and Hamas, make nervous many traditional voters of the labour party. Critics point to the conflict around the theme of anti-Semitism inside the labour party. And the activists of the party reported that, according to exit polls, voters consistently cite Corbin one of the main problems of the party.It is unlikely that who will be the candidate on presidential election from the Democratic party, will promote the views as unacceptable to millions of voters.Over the elections in the UK also faced problems and contradictions associated with Brexia that prevent to draw direct Parallels with the United States.Corbin failed to clearly Express its position on the question of Brexia that the core voters of the labour party who want Britain left the European Union. But Johnson has built his campaign on a simple slogan — “Get Brexit Done” (“Bring Brakcet to the end”) — which is clarity and clarity is very similar to the mantra trump “will once Again make America great”. The challenge Johnson for the next few years will be to finally pull to the side of the conservatives, those voters who always belonged to the Conservative party with suspicion and supported him only because of Brexia, because these voters can easily return to the direction of labour if they get back on a more moderate path.Trump seeks to do the same thing in his election campaign in swing States in the Midwest. And the U.S. President tries not to repeat the mistake made by the labour party: all his presidency — with its rapid rallies and orderly appeals to their base on issues such as abortion and gun control — sometimes it seems an attempt to emphasize its cultural kinship with the people who elected him President.Than trump and Johnson are different from each othereven Though trump often speaks well of Johnson and both of them think the populists, made from the same cloth, their similarities are probably exaggerated.Johnson and trump really unites deeply distrustful attitude towards the European Union. And it seems that their populism and revolt against the establishment due to the desire for political advantage.When trump was still an eccentric tycoon in real estate and the target of tabloid journalists, social and political elite of Manhattan have often demonstrated a dismissive attitude. Meanwhile, Johnson is hardly an outsider. He was educated in the elite private school Eton, and he belongs to a social class, whose members still consider themselves born to rule. While trump, it seems, seeks to destroy existing social and political order, Johnson admires Winston Churchill, just trying to get to its intended place in the higher echelons of power.And if you don’t count Breccia, the British Prime Minister is absolutely traditional figure. In his conservatism, he is less radical compared to Thatcher. But compared to trump, he is much closer to European leaders on various issues, from his belief in climate change to its position on the Iranian nuclear deal.He promised to allocate billions of pounds to the state national health system, and this makes it more with Sanders and Warren than with trump.In fact, Johnson took a position on the ideological spectrum, which brings him close to leaders such as Blair, Clinton, Obama and former British Prime Minister David Cameron. Johnson is far from destructive, directed against the establishment of the instincts inherent in Trump.Meanwhile, the British labour party as a whole is located to the left of American democracy — its radical wings are much closer to true socialism than the proposals of Sanders. And the balance of power of the Conservative party — although it takes rather a radical position in relation to Europe is to the left of the ideology of the Republican party in social issues.Thus, although we can see clear Parallels and can draw specific lessons from the results of the voting in the United Kingdom ahead of presidential elections in the United States, the most important of them probably is: every country and every election is unique.

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