Coach and activist of the “Orange revolution”. What is known about who led the “Servant of the people” Alexander Kornienko

Коуч и активист «Оранжевой революции». Что известно о возглавившем «Слугу народа» Александре Корниенко

© Facebook Alexander KornienkoAt the Congress of Pro-presidential party “servant of the people” on 10 November elected a new head. They became the first Deputy head of the parliamentary faction Oleksandr Kornienko. Earlier, the party led by Dmitry Razumkov, who left his seat because that is the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada.”The party must deal with specific things in three ways that I, as a candidate for the position of head of the party, and I want to offer,” he said during a speech at the Congress.

Further Kornienko have them listed. The first direction is a qualitative change in policy at the local level. Second — a new approach to party-building. Third, the transformation of the party “in making major political decisions in the country,” and prepare the new political elite of Ukraine.

The number of party representatives in Parliament should be increased, also he reported at the Congress, in fact, at the beginning of the third, the most ambitious item on the program. According to Kornienko, 40 deputies who already have membership cards “Servants of the people,” added 30. Total received 70 252 deputies from Pro-presidential faction.

The politician also said that not all deputies of the same name of the faction you want to be members of the party, adding that he considers such a position is normal.

After the official announcement of a new status, Kornienko said that “the party should be sexy for candidates” and “must initiate”. It is possible to implement these tasks, he announced a new phase of trainings for the members of the “Servants of the people” “in Egypt or Bukovel”.

In early October, in an interview with Ukrainian Interfax politician said that “the Servant of the people” aims to build the party of the European type, not focusing on quantitative goals in the formation of the party structure. According to him, the planned formation of the structure, which will include “the party hub in each area, where will be held a reception of citizens, providing legal advice”.

What is known Kornienko

Policy 35 years old, married and has a daughter. Received master degree of chemical technology and engineering at the National technical University, then studied at the Wiesbaden Academy of psychotherapy (Germany) and the Ukrainian Institute of positive psychotherapy, as well as the project of non-formal education “Existential coaching”.
Study Kornienko, combined with the work: from 2001 to 2003 he was a journalist in the publication “Milk”, and in 2004 founded the newspaper “Student”, which runs until 2006.

The new head of “public Servants” were also engaged in concert activities. In 2005 he became a Manager and concert Director of the Ukrainian rock band “Little cahes”. Intermittently he works with the musicians to 2013.

Kornienko was the co-founder of the youth organization “SIM — Union of initiative youth”, was engaged in the organization of visits to Ukraine of foreign volunteers to participate in school language camps. From 2010 to 2019 Kornienko worked as a business coach.

The activist of the “Orange revolution”

In 2004, the site became an activist of the “Orange revolution”. Politics fascinated him, and since 2006, he regularly participates in election campaigns as a consultant. After the second Maidan it is the headquarters of the candidate for the post of the mayor of Nikolaev from party “Self-help” Alexander Senkevich.

With the future President Vladimir Zelensky Kornienko met in November 2018, to “see the team” he is working on a volunteer project.

“Vladimir Alexandrovich met through mutual friends. The wider public they are unknown. Need someone who understands elections, but not only in the classical sense, but in innovative ways. Such a man was I, I had the experience,” said about it Kornienko in an interview with theБабель.

Also in an interview to “Interfax”, he remembered about the structure of the party at the time when the project started. According to him, the party is “the two structures of people, one of which is superimposed on the other”. First, the so — called “we-team”, who worked in the presidential election. “It is mostly people with low level of political ambition — a lot of volunteers. Closer to parliamentary elections, there were people with political ambitions. Most of them became members.”Nikolai Pogorelov

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