Coach of the elite to help service

De coach de l’élite à aide de service

After spending quality time with family, Sven Pouliot has decided to dive into a world completely unknown to them when her twins were returned to the nursery.

Listed on the site I contributes to the government of quebec, the head coach of the alpine ski team of the Red and Gold of Laval University has received a call four weeks later telling him that his services were required as a support service to the Chartwell Manor and the Atrium.

This residence for the elderly has counted up to a certain a time a couple of people with the COVID-19 among the residents suffering from cognitive problems and the employees.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, I thought a lot about me and my family, and it was good,” said Pouliot, who had no experience whatsoever in the healthcare environment. “I went out to shovel the snow bank in order to evacuate the energy. I felt indebted, and I wanted to get involved with the return of the children in the nursery. “

“Initially, I didn’t know what to expect, and there were fears about my family “, to continue to Pouliot, who is in post since may 23rd.

Between two members of the alpine ski team of the Red and Gold, Félix Laliberté and Alice Stoll, at the beginning of the last season.

“There was a lot of stress. I went out less, I went to bed very early and I was going to bike to work. As in a ski race important, you want to perform well, and the criterion is to ensure that you be in good health. It was pretty special to find myself with personal protective equipment. I was well coached by the staff at the level of the protection, and for the courtesy and the heart giving in relation to residents, it came naturally. “

Team work

With his colleague of the Chartwell Manor and the Atrium.

What is it that has brought Pouliot to submit its candidature ? “Working as a team to help people is the aspect that I lit the more, he pointed out. Younger, I plantais trees and I met my girlfriend, selling daffodils for the cancer Society. I’ve met a lot of wonderful people, and my girlfriend thought I was lucky to live such an experience. The effect of community impresses me. I’ve met a lot of people “surformés” who were willing to do anything to help and who had no ego. “

“I’m a little uncomfortable talking about my experience because this is not just me, but thousands of people who have decided to get involved, to continue Pouliot. I agreed to speak because it may encourage other people to do the same. We had a whole team. A team like the Nordiques to their best years. I don’t want to do politics with the death of George Floyd, but I have worked with people from several countries who are part of our society and contribute to its evolution. People with a family and very caring to the elderly. “

Pouliot has not lived death. “There has been no death on the spot, and I have never known any resident who has died. The people of Chartwell have made the announcement when the last resident affected has received his second negative test. I’ve got some great encounters, and it opens the eyes on how lucky I am to have a healthy family. We had to organise meetings on the balconies to allow residents to see and speak to their family. “


A few days after our interview, as the situation at Chartwell Manor and the Atrium was back in order, Pouliot learned that he was transferred to the CHSLD Le Faubourg.

He had a pinch in the heart to leave the people he had woven of good links and with whom he will stay in contact.

“It was difficult not being able to greet the people leaving, but it will end up on social networks and we want to meet again in July when the situation will be back more to normal. We have lived small joys and small achievements together. “

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