Coastal boat collided with a boat off the coast of Greece, killed a child

Береговой катер столкнулся с лодкой у берегов Греции, погиб ребенок

A coast guard boat crashed into a boat carrying migrants off the coast of Greece
Thus, it became known that night, a coast guard cutter off the coast of Greece collided with the boat, which at that time was more than thirty people. This publication reports the Associated Press.

It is known that in the incident, one child was killed and another person is missing. The boat was carrying people on the island of KOs from Turkey. Only rescue service had evacuated 31 people.
“The collision occurred in the dark. Migrants trying to make the crossing undetected, and boats are usually overloaded with people. Sometimes it is very difficult to identify these boats, even for vessels equipped with radars, ” — said the representative of the coast guard Nikos Lagogianes.
“The search focuses on the search for missing 26-year-old Syrian,” — said the representative of the coast guard Nikos Lagogianes.

It is reported that in recent months the Greek Islands, there is a surge of refugees and migrants who travel by boat to the Greek Islands, to eventually reach the EU. The government has stepped up efforts to expand the network of refugee camps and programs stay in hotels on the mainland of Greece, in order to alleviate excessive overcrowding of facilities on the Islands.

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