Cocaine trafficking: a suspect held nearly$ 75,000 in cash

The police officers of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) have put their hands on an impressive amount of cocaine and a sum to dizzying heights of nearly$ 75,000 in cash in a residence and a dwelling occupied by a citizen of Matane, Thursday.

The provincial police officers arrived at the home of the rue Bergeron at the end of an investigation that began a few months ago thanks to information received from the public.

They have discovered “a certain” amount of cocaine and arrest of the occupant of the place, Jean-Marc Ouellet, a man of 39 years old.

They continued their search in a building of housing units in the rue Saint-Jérôme, where the suspect rented also as an apartment according to the police.

3 kg

In total, these two seizures were allowed to confiscate almost 3 kilograms of cocaine, 75 grams of a substance similar to MDMA (a synthetic drug) and a little less than 75 000 $ in cash..

There were also various equipment used for the resale of narcotic drugs.

The SQ called this operation as “important”.

“We think that with this seizure, without saying that they put an end to drug trafficking, it should at least give a big bang in the market of narcotics traffickers in this region,” said sergeant Claude Doiron, a spokesperson for the police force.

Other search

At the same time, on Thursday, investigators went to Sainte-Félicité, near Matane, where they found less amount of cocaine in a residence that houses a man 71 years of age and a lady of 67, who were arrested.

Here, too, the police have seized cash and items used to sell drugs.

The SQ is a suspicion that the man and the woman are acquaintances of Ouellet and that they were working in the pay of the latter. They were interrogated, and then released. They will be appearing at a later date.

For his part, Ouellet was brought before the court of the palace of justice in Amqui. He remains detained pending further proceedings. The investigation continues in this folder.

The police can not tell for the moment if this individual has links with organized crime.

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