Coins, batteries, marbles: what kids swallow more often

Монеты, батарейки, шарики: что дети глотают чаще всего

Children under the age of five years are most likely to swallow coins, batteries, hydrogel, and magnetic beads. These items reveal Moscow doctors in the gastro-intestinal tract of kids, says “Evening Moscow”.

According to experts, among the first signs that a child has swallowed an object, – salivation and pain in the chest. If the foreign body has already been found in the stomach, pain may occur on the second or third day.

Among the most dangerous items in health swallowing their children, the doctors called batteries, which cause the perforation of the intestinal wall. And hydrogel beads in the body, they swell to many times and cause intestinal obstruction. In such cases, require surgical intervention.

Earlier it was reported that in Moscow three year old girl swallowed the keys from the mailbox. In the hospital they were removed with an endoscope.