Cole Caufield wants to reach the next level

Cole Caufield veut atteindre le niveau supérieur

When it took the decision to play at least one more season with the Badgers of the University of Wisconsin in the NCAA, the hope of the Montreal canadiens Cole Caufield is given a mission: to enable his team to reach the next step.

The 15th selection in total from the most recent draft of the national hockey League (NHL) has undergone an earlier disposal during the last campaign. On 7 march, his Badgers were, in fact, the elimination in the first knockout round to face the Buckeyes of Ohio State.

Since then, some of his teammates, Alex Turcotte (Los Angeles Kings) and K Andre Miller (New York Rangers) have accepted contracts to entry in the NHL. He wishes to take on more responsibility within the organization.

“I want to take the relay, said Caufield in the daily Wisconsin State Journal, Tuesday. I want to dominate and do the same things, while increasing my points and being a leader. I think the biggest point on which I want to work, it is becoming a player on which people can rely on in all situations. And I want to have a voice in the locker room too, to be the one that people look at when it’s going less well.”

“Looking at the last season, I think I’ve had a good year and I also believe that I still have a lot to prove and do for this team. I think that returning was the best thing for me to do, to become faster and stronger and dominate more. I want to become a leader and take this team to the next level.”

Caufield has scored 19 goals and totaled 36 points in 36 parts by 2019-2020, being the best pointer of his club. He was also selected on Monday for a player of first-year excellence of the conference Big Ten NCAA.

The routine

By the beginning of the next campaign, Caufield is confined to his home, Stevens Point, Wisconsin, with his family. To occupy himself, he is able to his brother Brock, a year older, which is also evolving with the Badgers.

“The routine settles in, he explained. You end up doing the same things. It is good to be with my brother. It helps me a lot. We train every day and we draw a lot of pucks.”

“We continue to be competitive, either with video games or activities in the court. We try to find things to do because it’s boring. But it is good to be with family.”

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