Coleus care in the home for colorful decorative beauty!

Coleus is a wonderful and beautiful plant that can be grown at home.

Колеус - догляд в домашніх умовах за яскравим декоративним красенем!

The cultivation of Coleus, herbaceous plants, which externally has a resemblance to nettle, found in our area quite often at home. Even though the plant came to us from tropical regions of Asia and Africa, caring for it is not complicated and gives quite remarkable results in the form of healthy and saturated bushes, informs Rus.Media.

General description

Coleus home, which is called hybrid, is a lush shrub. The leaves usually have an oval shape with cut edges that resembles a small incisions. It leaves and forms a flower as it has a variety of colors and always saturated color. Almost always on the leaves there are “patterns” that give the plant an exotic and bold look.

Coleus grown in the home and in outdoor environments. In the room the flowers made to place on the window sills, under the open sky, the Coleus is planted as an annual. In the indoor horticulture such valuable flowers, thanks to multi-color.

In Coleus leaves are velvety to the touch, but with a variety of shades. It is therefore difficult at first sight to identify this plant. In the indoor horticulture there are plants with purple, red, yellow, pink and even purple leaves.


Organizing care for the Coleus, which grows in the home, please read the rules of irrigation.

With the arrival of spring to early autumn the plant is watered when it becomes noticeably dry out the top layer of soil. In winter the volume of water is greatly reduced, depending on what the temperature will be maintained in the room.

Water for irrigation is desirable to use soft and separated. If possible, you can water the flower and rain water. About the lack of moisture in the soil the florist will tell you the condition of the leaves – obviously the plant is not enough water if the leaves begin to wither and becomes flabby.

Pour Coleus is also not recommended, as the roots of this exotic plant is delicate and constantly required the free access of air.

Excess moisture can very adversely affect the plant, as the water will occupy the pores in the soil, thereby limiting the ventilation. As a result, the root system of the plant to rot and gap.

Humidity is also an important point, which must include the care of a potted Coleus. The plant will approach a high level of humidity in the home, so it can safely be place in the kitchen. This room is damp and always warm. Spraying rain “nettle” applies very well. For spraying, too, should use soft water. It is desirable that its temperature was at room.


Coleus grown in a home involves placing it only in well-lit areas. The number of leaves of the plant directly depends on the lighting: the more the plant leaves, the more light you need.

In the summer, growing Coleus at home, its leaves should be protected from direct rays of the sun. In winter you can safely place a flower on the windowsill.

In the room where you decide to grow Coleus, the temperature should be in summer from 16 to 25 degrees, in winter not below 12.

Soil for growing Coleus better prepare yourself. If you have the opportunity at home to prepare a soil mixture, in equal parts, consisting of turf and ground sheet, peat, sand, is perfect.


Transplant the Coleus requires every 2 3 years. As previously mentioned, the roots of the tender plants, and transplanting should be performed with extreme caution. A lump of earth which may remain on the roots when transplanting into a large container, no need to remove. So the risk of damage to the root system will be reduced to a minimum.

Definitely need to be concerned about good drainage, you need to put the bottom of the pot with small clay pebbles or pieces of broken bricks. The mixture which is necessary to prepare for transplanting plants should not be different from the previous composition.


Fertilizing is supposed to Coleus, which is grown at home, only in the spring and summer months. During these periods, the flower more rapidly developing and growing.

Use fertilizer necessary mineral or organic origin. Care in terms of fertilizers in winter is not possible. Pruning

In winter, Coleus, alas, loses its attractive appearance. So with the arrival of spring and new shoots, pruning should be undertaken that involves the care of adult plants at home. Pruning will not only get rid of the hive from old stems, but also to shape it. As a rule, pruning is carried out during the whole vegetation period. Buds, released a Coleus, it is also necessary to pinch back. So you will provide the Bush is lush and abundant flowering.

This plant, care which is not very complex, is unusual and attractive flower in room conditions.