Colin Firth and his wife Livia for the first time were published together after the scandal with her cheating

Julianne Moore, Libya Goodgolly and Colin Firth

57-year-old Colin Firth and 48-year-old Libya Goodgolly first appeared together in public after a scandalous family history, which was recently discussed in the press. The couple began the press conference by Chopard at the exhibition Baselworld 2018, traditionally held in Basel, Switzerland.

Along with actress Julianne Moore, model Arizona Muse, the co-Chopad Caroline and Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, as well as other guests, they discussed the new initiative of the brand. Interestingly, Libya attended the event not only as the wife of an actor, but also as the founder of the company, helping brands to be more environmentally friendly.

Julianne Moore, Libya Goodgolly and Colin Firth

When Colin and Livia posed for photographers together, the actor put his hand on the shoulder of his wife. It was evident that spouses support each other in not the easiest thing for their Union time. Recall that in early March, the media had spread the news about the infidelity of the wife of Firth. The couple contacted the police, accusing the 55-year-old journalist Marco Brancaccio that Libya was novel in pursuit. The defendant did not remain silent and unveiled its version of what happened.

Libya Goodgolly, Julianne Moore, Colin Firth, Arizona Muse and others at a press conference

Colin Firth

Van Roy, Caroline and Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, Julianne Moore, Libya Goodgolly, Colin Firth, Arizona Muse

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