Collective bargaining agreement: the NHL will emulate the NFL?

There are still two seasons before the expiry of the collective agreement between the national hockey League (NHL) and its players Association. However, the current crisis, because of the pandemic of sars coronavirus, might rush things between the two parties.

At least that is the opinion of the journalist, Elliotte Friedman, of Sportsnet.

In fact, the journalist believes that there is a possibility that the two parties lean towards the option of stability, as was the case in the NFL, recently.

“I have a theory and I admit it, this is only a theory, stressed Friedman, Tuesday. I think that the League and the players will look at the option to agree on [the renewal of]a collective agreement in the long term. Because I believe that there is much to lose for everyone.

“They will have a hard time to keep the ceiling near what it is now. Players will see a huge increase in their contribution to the trust. If they do not play, it is called 35%, maybe. And even if they play, this will be higher than the 14% currently.”

But nothing is yet acquired. Technically, there are still parts to play in the regular season. And there’s still the playoffs. Is it that all these games may be played when the action resumes? Also, the League has not yet announced a plan in the event of recovery.

“I believe that when the time comes, they will be a playoff of the most tape-to-eye, to create interest. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t imitate the NFL.”

Recently, the NHL has lengthened by 10 days the period of isolation of the players and the staff.

The most important league in professional hockey in North America has suspended its season 2019-2020 on 12 march due to the spread of the coronavirus.

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