College football can start its season

College football can start its season

Information is trickling into the interschool sport file.

In a meeting on Tuesday with the Assistant Deputy Minister of the Sports, Leisure and Physical Activity Directorate, the President and CEO of the RSEQ, Gustave Roel, as well as various national stakeholders obtained some answers to their questions, but there are still several nebulous points.

College football and soccer can breathe a sigh of relief. The directive, which stipulates that outdoor gatherings in the orange zones cannot accommodate more than 25 people, will not be an obstacle to the return of the two disciplines.

Orange zone

“The limit of 25 will not be increased, but we have been told that Public Health will include an equivalent by including two teams,” Roel explained. This directive is similar to that of families for private reunions inside. The maximum is six people, but two families of four can meet. It is the same principle for football and soccer, which could not have played without this equivalent. ”

The Division 1 college circuit will therefore be able to begin its activities as planned on Friday. The Élans de Garneau will be in Lévis to rub shoulders with the Falcons. Three other games are on the program on Saturday, including the one between the Champlain College Cougars and the Limoilou Titans. The Cougars will not be prohibited from traveling in the orange zone.

“It is each institution that will decide whether or not to move to the orange zone, and not the RSEQ,” said Roel. Travel between regions is not recommended, but it is not prohibited. For trips between two teams located in the orange zone, no response was obtained. ”

Will fans be able to attend the games? “The ministry is worried that there will be no spectators because it fears groupings for carpooling,” said the CEO of the RSEQ. They are considering the option of a spectator [a parent] for a player. Due to tight deadlines and too many uncertainties, the Falcons had already decided to play Friday's game behind closed doors.

Positive case

Directive 70 from the Ministry of Education, which provides that interschool sport must cease its activities for a period of 10 to 14 days if a positive case occurs in a school, is still in order.

“The evaluation is continuing and they will come back to us later,” Roel said. Currently, 40% of schools in the Montreal area have at least one positive case. If we removed this rule, three quarters of the challenges would be resolved.

“There is always an inconsistency,” Roel added. When we wonder about the inconsistency, we are told that safety is paramount and that we want to prevent outbreaks in schools. We agree that student safety is paramount, but it must be enforced everywhere. We receive a lot of calls from school administrators and parents who want to know why young people can play in the civil network, but not in the school network if a positive case arises. We don't have an answer. ”

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