Collision sea off the Philippines, 14 missing

Collision maritime au large des Philippines, 14 disparus

The authorities in the philippines announced Monday it had deployed aircraft and ships to try to find 14 people missing after a collision between a fishing boat and a cargo ship.

A fishing vessel of the philippines, the Liberty 5, and a cargo ship registered in Hong Kong, the Vienna Wood, collided Sunday off the coast of the province of the philippines Mindoro Occidental, and the fishing boat capsized, according to authorities.

The commander of the ship called the relief “a few hours later” and the vessel was escorted to shore by the coast guard of the philippines, said their spokesman, commander Armando Balilo.

Rescuers are looking for twelve Filipino members of the crew of the fishing boat and two passengers of this boat, which we do not know if it has sunk.

The search operations were halted on Sunday due to bad weather and they resumed Monday morning.

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