Colomiers: from all the denominations, they will walk on Sunday for peace

Toulouse, on January 10, 2015. Manifestation of Toulouse after the attacks, including Charlie Hebdo. — Beatrice Colin

“To build peace, let us dare to encounter “. This is the slogan of the march this Sunday in Colomiers, west of Toulouse. Buddhists, muslims, christians, jews, but also lay people, all have decided to mobilize for peace.

This walk is inter-convictionnelle organized by a collective of associations will be on a dozen miles and will start around 8: 30 from the train station of Colomiers. Hikers will pass through the symbolic places, both religious (synagogue, mosque, church) that lay.

Weeks of the Brotherhood

At the time of the news sometimes has the tendency to divide the society, this walk will allow for exchanges between members of various confessions and different convictions.

An event that falls in line with the weeks of the Brotherhood, which takes place in the Haute-Garonne until 18 October. This initiative of toulouse born in the last year brings together the different representatives of the cults, supported by the prefecture and the town hall, when
conferences and meetings.

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