Color in dreams: what do they mean?

Often the dreams come in bright colors, are worth paying attention, especially if in life there are certain difficulties.

Кольори уві сні: що вони означають?

Dreams can tell a lot, because they are not always a reflection of his experiences in the reality of events. The interpretation of dreams the people involved for a long time, so now you can easily decrypt the messages and to know what promises the dream, informs Rus.Media.

Dreams can be interpreted not only by day of week and month, but also other criteria. Often people dream black and white dreams, which are also informative. Often the dreams come in bright colors, are worth paying attention, especially if in life there are certain difficulties, difficult choices or other key moments. Experts recommend keeping a dream diary, in order not to miss important clues and to always be “armed”.

Yellow color indicates quick relief from difficulties. The predominance of this color in a dream – a good sign that promises both external and internal transformation, the completion of a black band and a great time to conquer new heights.

Orange color promises a pleasant Outlook both in business and in personal life. Bright shades of orange warned that soon will be able to get rid of the loneliness and financial difficulties.

Green – a symbol of harmony and celebration of life. Those who are planning the extended family, this color promises a quick pregnancy. Green is also responsible for harmony in relationships, end conflicts in the family. Often “green dreams” portend rapid changes for the better in all cases.

Red indicates passion. The predominance of this color speaks of the development of relations and possible treason. Subtle shades of red to indicate a pleasant change in his personal life, as aggressive bright colors warn about possible fraud. Also red symbolizes aggression, which in real life can hurt relationships with close people.

Blue color often indicates fastest way. The lighter the shade, the more pleasant prospects waiting in the end of the road. Darker shades of blue indicate possible difficulties in the road, and so, before the trip to advance to collect the necessary things and be vigilant.

The color purple suggests that intuition will help to overcome difficulties. The presence of violet colour in the dream is a direct indication of the need to develop a sixth sense that lies dormant in man.

The blue color speaks of the wisdom and compassion that you want to show respect to loved ones. This color often dream in that case, if the families need help or support to cope with the crisis situation.

White color speaks of the importance of change. Those who saw the “white dream”, there is not enough ink in real life, so there is apathy and a desire to close yourself. White color can indicate honesty, if you had a dream before a serious operation.

The black color does not always represents trouble, and to interpret such a dream can feel. Happy, despite the mourning shades, indicates a future change for the better. If in a dream dominated by fear or confusion, then this dream says about cheating and betrayal.

The interpretation of dreams – a fine science, so it is important to remember not only key events but also the smallest details. They, and also the emotional background will help with accuracy to recognize the clues.