Columnist for the New York Times called to stop trump, until he made US a “second Ukraine”

When Donald trump USA are becoming more similar to Ukraine: the power is used to protect from prosecution, politics merges with crime, and everyone in the political processes of Russia intervenes, according to the author The New York Times Brett Stevens. In his opinion, the only way to stop this is to make all efforts to remove Donald trump from office.

Обозреватель New York Times призвал остановить Трампа, пока он не сделал США «второй Украиной»

ReutersДональд trump is trying to make US second Ukraine, so Congress will have to decide whether Americans take it for granted or it is time to rebel. As the journalist writes Brett Stevens, who has long closely monitoring the Ukrainian politics, the current American reality is very similar to the last Ukrainian. “For many years before trump cheat their supporters chants “to jail her!” to Hillary Clinton, the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych has done it in practice with their own rival Yulia Tymoshenko, “writes Stevens. In addition to the criminalization of political differences, according to the author, the US and Ukraine have in common the abuse of political power to protect from prosecution and personal and family enrichment. The third similarity is the fusion of politics and crime. According to Stevens, in both countries thrive on conspiracy theories, a disproportionate amount of influence have behind-the-scenes figures, and formal channels of power are disconnected from the real centers of the country. Another common point for the two countries, according to the author, is the covert intervention of Russia, and often it is through local players. “Our country is going through the grim process of Ukrainization: the imagination serves as facts, propaganda becomes journalism, political opponents, criminals, political office, business enterprise, relatives, diplomatic representatives, legal consultants member of the shadow Cabinet. The extortion becomes foreign policy, fawning transformed into the patriotism of fellow citizens the insult “scum”, and sworn enemies become separated friends. This is not just a felony, but a clear and obvious threat to our security. The only way to stop this is to make every effort to remove trump from office, “—said the author of the material.

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