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НГ приближается

Under the Rada young farmers in kengurushka warm up before sparring with their colleagues from the police. Pre-Christmas mood, some farmers bandage my kneecap and correct style Kiva corn on the cob. They are, however, today is not enough. Yesterday, it was more, and beating #of angiographies was just a Bang. The US Embassy is very strongly condemned “the use of violence at protests”. For me, it all went very well. Rooting for both teams, and supporting those and other friendly cries.

The only remark – it was necessary to restrict the platform for peace clashes with the subsequent beatings in front of the Parliament. It is very convenient: you can beat the “servants” at the entrance and exit. And Kyiv stood in hours-long traffic jams. And still do not understand one: why not give the kids from rural areas to set up tents? They’re freezing night. In sweat pants and shorts. The brutality of some police. Most importantly, the Georgians without any problems before Parliament broke camp. Well, when Miho to fight and Tymoshenko broke through the Western border. There is still underfoot Mustafa ran. Wanted a position in the “Ukroboronprom”. He had to wait. And he has the same jaw in two places, broken and concussed one of the hemispheres. Or him later the Czechs loaded in the head? For may? All messed up. It is very difficult not to lose the thread of events, as it is,…a minute, constantly. New year’s fever, it is necessary to understand.

To adopt a law on land privatization “trannies” (foreign and local PI…Sy) Happy in no time. And that’s bad, because young farmers will go on a long vacation, then it will be necessary to save the nation from another surrender, and then the anniversary of the Maidan arrives. In short, the turbo mode is broken under the Christmas tree.I blame the non-FBI informant David Arakhamiya. Filled up with…ka, trusted him to do. Does that rubs near the “whales” gambling and throws them on the loot. One promises casinos in five-star hotels, others in shopping malls, next to the children’s room, the third – all to fill up all the bills. Affectionate calf sucking two mothers – it’s not about the Arakhamia. It sucks massively. It is already possible to remove David from office of the head of “servants.” People ensured a comfortable life in Miami. Finally able to remove his black hoodie and change the sheets. Including the bottom.

You do not want yet to sum up the year as yet Nai…was the pyramid of government bonds with the subsequent collapse of the course. But I continue to believe in Yasha Smoliy and Mrs. Rozhkova from the national Bank. They will bring the matter to its logical end. All of us want to London, to Gontareva. In this context, put on the “Valera”. Agent nicknamed Victor Pinchuk Foundation. Yesterday all employees of the media holding Pinchuk was torn apart on the Facebook page of Andrey Derkach, who published a receipt Pinchuk. And squeal that “is actually the receipt for the KGB so it is written” and “aliases are not taken”. From which we can conclude that they were all given a subscription and are well versed in the difficult but fruitful work of spies. Well, the most hilarious trolls asked me to convey to “Valerie” song of Aphrodite “Valera”. In short, put on Pinchuk. He’s in London a lot of friends – Elton John, Gontareva, there is a small house with an insulated toilet. You know, what a foggy evening in London. Fucking English channel pulls damp beer shit. It is best to get in a comfortable boost with a fur toilet seat, and check some sites. Friends-the Democrats will not be issued at the request of astragali. And how can you issue a cash cow? “Valera” is hanging in front of Soros almost “yard” green pounds. Or what are they, sterling? Never in the hands not kept. The amount is not small. You will have to sell his media holding. Fortunately, there are buyers. Two.Could Peter A. to connect to, but he shelled out to bail his accomplice, the ex-chief of development and material support of the armed forces Dmitry Marchenko. Marathon to raise funds for a Deposit, declared “peroxoborate”, did not bring the desired result. Managed to collect about two million, and one happened since emigrated to Israel Granovsky. So I had to “Churchill’s” to shake the purse. Almost 18 “millions”. What to do? You can’t leave Marchenko in jail. Can enter into an agreement with the investigation and begin to merge their accomplices. Therefore Poroshenko congratulated his partner in plunder with the bail. First, he was eager to hear what he told the investigator. Second, the “zapechatlena” a wonderful tradition – to meet his sister, released from prison. It contributes to the cohesion of the ranks of the “porkopolis” who really want to become a “Sarasate”.

President Zelensky before NG feels great. Flew on business in Baku. No one knew what. But unless it has some value? He lives his busy life midst a Facebook. The office of the President calculates the owners of the “Telegram-channels” and thinking hard about how Zelensky will congratulate the nation with NG. Immediately need creative approach. In the gym already, on the “Tesla” was on the streets too. Urgently need to find the original location. There are interesting variations: circus, night club gay, Hoverla, the beach of the Emirates dressing room. The text of the speech is not so important. Still no one will listen. Will be poking faki and other improper conduct in front of the TV. Why even bother with the speech?

Alexander Zubchenko

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