Commonwealth countries will put more strawberries

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Tatiana Konstantinova

Russia opened the berry season. First, the market was strawberry. Prices have dropped several times. For example, if in February in Moscow kilograms of strawberries cost in the thousands of rubles, now 170-350 rubles, depending on the variety, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Marina Ermachenkova.

On the sidelines of one of the suburban companies cleaning strawberries is in full swing. A lot of work – the berry is almost 65 hectares of land. The farmers claim that their strawberries are the tastiest.

“We have an enormous advantage over those suppliers who bring the goods from afar. We give the berries to ripen fully on the Bush and fully ripe, fragrant, bright berry does in the area of rapid cooling. We quickly cooled, quickly prepare for shipment, and by the evening of the berry is transported to the stores,” – said General Director of the company for the production of strawberries Ivan Ryabinin.

Russian strawberries on the shelves is not more than 25%. The rest is imported from Turkey, Serbia, and also from the CIS countries – Armenia and Moldova.

“The main problem facing our godology is the lack of modern means of plant protection. In fact, due to the lack of protection of plants we are losing approximately half of the harvest. That is, could produce in the same area twice as many berries. The fact that now in the Russian state register of certified a small number of plant protection products whose use is allowed on berry crops and specific on strawberries,” said Director Berry of the Union Irina Koziy.

To increase the supply of strawberries to Russia plan of the Commonwealth countries. For Example, Armenia. There farmers have switched to the latest technology in the cultivation of berries, which helped to increase the harvest.

“Over the first five months of this year we exported about 370 tonnes of strawberries. Over the same period last year the figure was about 134 tons. This means that our rate of exports has grown three times”, – said the head of Department on development of agro-processing the Ministry of economy of Armenia Gevorg Ghazaryan.

Wholesale prices from the closest neighbors is quite “neighborhood”. For example, in Armenia they start from 7 cents, in Moldova – from 80 .

“Directly to transport – no such opportunities. This is due to the fact that we have in the village a small square for the strawberries. Therefore, those who have a hectare or two, use the services of intermediaries. All gather, and pass it to a mediator,” – said the farmer ion Rusu.

To strawberry did not disappoint, the purchase should be approached responsibly. On how long the berry is removed from the beds, tell tails. Withered indicate that strawberry is not the first day. You should pay attention to the color.

“Color should be darker. If the berry is bright, it means that it is savory,” said the seller. Another sign is the smell. If it is posted far away, this berry is worth taking.

The most expensive strawberry in the world is sold in Japan. The box 12 is selected berries will have to pay $ 83 (more than 5 thousand rubles). Despite high prices, in the day sold more than 50 packages.