Companies have already tested the new measures

Des entreprises ont déjà testé les nouvelles mesures

Francis Halin

Manufacturing companies here will not go away from zero in the re-launch of their activities on the 11th of may because they were able to test their security measures with the backing of Quebec when their production was reduced.

This is the case of the Canam Group, Group, Mundial and SMES Brechbuhl, who have all confirmed to the Newspaper to have taken a minimum of activities when Quebec was put on pause.

In the beauce region, Canam, specializing in the design and manufacture of metal components, spokeswoman Marie-Noëlle Goulet said yesterday that all of its plants here were in reduced production for ” essential services “.

In order to establish a protocol to minimize the risk of spread of the COVID-19, the Canam Group is inspired by a guide provided by the standards Commission, equity, health and safety in the workplace.

Each day, the temperature of the employees is taken. They must also answer a questionnaire. Canam is also now ” the disinfection of industrial plants “. Something she was not before.

Reducing the frame rate

On the side of Brechbuhl, a manufacturer of metal parts for the mining industry, the company has managed to continue its activities by reducing by half its rate of fire with the new rules of distancing.

“I have six weeks late because I book half of what I should be,” says the owner, Josée Brechbuhl.

Packer at the factory Brechbuhl of Longueuil, Jonathan, who is wearing a visor and gloves, can easily keep a good distance with his colleagues, as here with the owner of the manufacturer of metal parts, Josée Brechbuhl, who has a mask.

Today, the manufacturer has already adjusted to the COVID-19 by integrating measures of social distancing. His employees also wear masks and visors.

Even more, not who wants to in the factory. You must first sign a document to formally undertake to comply with the hygiene measures.


As to the Group Mundial, which offers various industrial solutions, the directorate has also already been able to test new security measures.

“All of our factories have already resumed. We have had the chance to test the small-scale measures and make improvements, ” said Louis Veilleux, president and CEO of the Group Mundial.

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