Company ispace is planning to build a moon base already in the 2030-2040

On both launches, the company has already signed a contract with SpaceX.

Компанія ispace планує побудувати місячну базу вже 2030-2040 роках

The Japanese company ispace, the team which reached the final of the competition Google Lunar XPrize, has announced plans to send two missions to the moon. The device will act as a secondary payload for rockets, the Falcon 9, informs Rus.Media.

Ispace startup, whose founder is Takeshi Hakamada (Takeshi Hakamada), known for his Long team. She participated in the contest Google Lunar X-Prize. His goal was to create and send on the moon of a spacecraft that will be able to overcome the 500 meters on the surface of Earth’s satellite, but to send pictures and videos with high resolution.

The task was quite difficult, the timing of the completion of the contest has been postponed several times and recently it was announced that neither team will not have time to carry out the mission until the end of the end of the contest, and he was left without winners. However, in the course of working on this project Khakamada founded the company ispace and, according to him, has already attracted about $ 95 million investment for the completion of its “lunar project” is almost as ambitious as Elon musk plans for the development of Mars.

So, in 2020, the company ispace is planning to send to the moon lander Long-R, which will be released on the lunar orbit and begin transmitting data to the Ground. A year later, should start the second unit, which will make a soft landing on the moon and brought on its surface two small lunohod, “mother” and associated cable “subsidiaries”. They will be able to examine the entrances to the tunnels, left on the moon threads have long cooled lava. The cable will provide a miniature scout power and communications.

Компанія ispace планує побудувати місячну базу вже 2030-2040 роках

In addition ispace for 2022 planned seven missions, during which it will create a transport platform to move between the earth and the Moon and to explore the water reserves in the polar regions of the moon. Subsequently, the startup is going to offer everyone services for sending spacecraft to the satellite. In parallel, a draft for the extraction of oxygen and hydrogen from water ice from the bottom of lunar craters.

“By 2030, we expect the beginning of production of rocket fuel and sending it for space ships,” – said Khakamada. According to him, far on the moon and its orbit will have to work hundreds of people, and by 2040-mu here will already be “valley of the moon” is a basic complex, including industrial, scientific and tourist facilities that attracts thousands of people a year.

Recently, the company SpaceX Elon musk has announced the signing of a contract for another lunar mission. The company plans no earlier than 2023 to conduct a tourist flight around the moon to develop super-heavy rocket BFR.