Company Lexar introduced its first SD card to one terabyte

The increase in capacity from gigabytes up to terabytes producers took 15 years.

Компанія Lexar представила першу SD-карту на один терабайт

Company Lexar has introduced the first commercially available SD memory card with a volume of one terabyte. The card is available for pre-order, and its price is $ 399, reports The Verge, informs Rus.Media.

Despite the fact that to date, Secure Digital (SD) – not the compact memory card format, it remains one of the most popular and widely used in many devices such as cameras, camcorders, drones, etc. Because many such devices are used for video capture, including 4K and at 60 frames per second. With these parameters, record hour movie can take anywhere from a few tens to hundreds of gigabytes, so manufacturers are constantly increasing the amount of memory in the cards, and also reduce the cost of production.

For the first time about overcoming the milestone of one terabyte, said in 2016, the company SanDisk, which unveiled the prototype of the SD card with the volume, but over the past year and a half this prototype was not implemented as a serial product. The first serial SD-card with a volume of one terabyte has become the card manufacturer Lexar. It supports data exchange Protocol UHS-I, and certified classes of velocity U3 and V30. This means that it is able to maintain a stable write speed of 30 megabytes per second. Also, the manufacturer claims that internal tests showed a write speed of up to 95 megabytes per second. In the General case the speed of 30 megabytes per second, enough to record 4K video at 60 frames per second. The memory card is already on sale at a price of $ 399, although the recommended price is $ 499.

It should be noted that the increase in the maximum capacity SD card with one Gigabyte to one terabyte producers took 15 years – the first card that could store gigabytes of data, went on sale in January 2004. At the same time, other common card format microSD has not yet reached the level of one terabyte and the maximum capacity is 512 GB.

The increase in physical capacity cards makes them developers to adapt them to the format and data transfer protocols. In the middle of last year, the SD Association introduced a new standard SDUC that supports up to 128 terabytes of data, as well as standard SD Express, which adds support for the PCIe and NVMe interfaces in the SD card that in future will allow to increase the data rate almost up to gigabytes per second.