Company | Marseille: a passion to make you crazy!

    Company | Marseille: a passion to make you crazy!

    Here is a character out of the ordinary in the world of philately. Retired military medic, Jean Dubois, 90, relentlessly pursues the stamp collection inherited from his father at the age of ten. In the small office he has set up at the back of his garage, enthroned all his binders, albums, documentations relating to philately, small items of the perfect specialist, ranging from the large magnifying glass to the particular pliers to handle the postage stamp.

    Inexhaustible on the subject, this specialist always calls himself an amateur and likes to clarify: “There are different ways to be a collector. Either your stamps remain in a binder, or in an album, or finally are distributed according to the principle of a main subject and its derivatives; this is called the thematic classification. It has been my choice for many, many years. I can, as I choose, combine different stamps, different countries and different values ​​that relate to a main subject. For example, I established a large series of cartoon tapes, where different sequences from different countries are brought together. But my main objective is to give an educational aspect on subjects which remain affordable, especially for children, but also for their parents, whether they are compulsive collectors or informed amateurs. Some of my themes also join the classification of a historical fact, or an event with a worldwide impact, for example the Tour de France, and the world of the bicycle “.

    However, Jean Dubois regrets that there remains in Marseille only a small part of shops specializing in philately. But also, that little information be shared with the general public on this fascinating subject. He sometimes comes to regret the time of his youth, when he collected small electric trains, which he sold to buy stamps …

    For all details and a possible acquisition, this enthusiast can be contacted on 04 91 66 47 69.

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