Complaint against Trump after the dispersal of demonstrators in front of the White House

Plainte contre Trump après la dispersion de manifestants devant la Maison-Blanche

A complaint has been filed against Donald Trump after the violent dispersal Monday protesters to allow the president of ask, a bible in hand, in front of a church close to the White House, announced on Thursday that the powerful organization of the defence of civil rights ACLU.

The american ministers of Justice and Defense, as well as other senior officials are also covered by this complaint, filed by the ACLU and other organizations of civil rights for the account of the branch of Washington of the movement Black Lives Matter and additional protesters.

On Monday, several hundred people gathered in front of the White House to protest against the death of the Afro-American George Floyd at the hands of police, were dispersed with blows of tear gas while Donald Trump was speaking. The demonstration was so peaceful, and the curfew was not yet in force in the capital.

The objective was to free up the field towards the church of St John, the iconic building nearby, which had been downgraded on Sunday night by rioters. The president went there to walk just after his speech, surrounded by members of his cabinet, to be photographed, a bible in hand.

“What happened to our members on Monday night in the nation’s capital, was an affront against all of our rights,” said April Goggans, Black Lives Matter DC, as quoted in the press release of the ACLU. “We will not be silenced by tear gas and rubber bullets. This is the time to be heard.”

Donald Trump has been very criticized for this output. Number of political and religious leaders have denounced the way in which the protesters have been dispersed so that he can brandish a bible in front of the photographers.

But the White House has strongly defended the decision of Donald Trump, referring to his desire to “to send a strong message” and comparing the same to the british prime minister Winston Churchill during the Second world War.

“We do not burn churches in the United States!”, has even tweeted the president on Thursday evening, seeming to make a reference to the event.

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