Complaint management: City is late

The City of Sherbrooke is lagging behind in the implementation of its complaints and complaints management system. This system, which is intended to improve the response time for citizens who come to the Ville de Sherbrooke, was to start being deployed last summer. Commissioning is now scheduled for the end of January.

The edit system, which ultimately aims to create a single telephone number for all citizen requests to the City, must be implemented in two phases. The first is to computerize all data that may be the subject of a complaint or a request. The second phase, scheduled for 2018, should incorporate mobility into the system, which is the ability to communicate using a cell phone application.

Each of the services will be gradually integrated into this new system.

In the Communications Department of the City of Sherbrooke, it is explained that the adjustments to the system have been longer than expected and that the staff is currently in training.

The unique number that citizens will dial is not known, but all indications are that it will not be 311, as originally announced. This unique number will replace some of the approximately 120 numbers currently used to communicate with the City. A call center will eventually be set up to manage telephone communications.

Not only will citizens wait less long before talking to a telephone operator, but the follow-up of their request should be facilitated.

In February, Yves Seney, Director of Information Technology at the City of Sherbrooke, said that the mobility of the system would one day make it possible to report a problem, a pothole for example, by sending a photo to from a smart phone. Geolocation would allow the City to locate and intervene.

The contract for an integrated complaints and complaints management system was awarded in June 2016 to R3D Conseil for $ 506,537. The commissioning was originally scheduled for spring 2017. The delay does not entail additional costs for the City of Sherbrooke.

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