Complaints and whining physically change your brain! And that’s the cause of your depression

Жалобы и нытье физически меняют ваш мозг! И это причина вашей подавленности

Thanks to the rapid development of neuroscience, which we have seen in the last 20 years, we can say for sure: the brain is capable reprogrammed, and in this process we are directly involved, writes Power Of Positivity.

Neuroplasticity — obosi term that describes long-lasting changes in the brain throughout a person’s life. It’s actually an amazing thing. Here’s why:

  • we can increase our IQ;
  • we can learn new skills that can change our lives;
  • we can recover from certain brain damage;
  • our emotional health can greatly improve;
  • we can “wean” yourself from the harmful behavior, beliefs and habits.

On the other hand, we can reprogram our brain for the worse! Fortunately, we have the ability to identify harmful behavior, beliefs, and habits. This gives us the opportunity to fix it!

According to Dr. Michael Merzenich, one of the most renowned experts in the field of neuroscience, “our experience, behavior, thinking and response to what happens depend on how the interaction of different parts of the brain with each other”.

Negative habits can change the brain for the worse. Positive habits have a positive effect on him.

Thus, neuroplasticity can be both a problem and a solution.

Жалобы и нытье физически меняют ваш мозг! И это причина вашей подавленности

Each of us met the person can be called a whiner, who constantly expresses negative emotions, he is never satisfied.

No doubt these nerds annoying friends and family, they criticize and don’t understand.

We can all complain, each of us periodically grumbles, but some people do it more often than others.

Usually the eternal complainers fall into one of 3 groups:

1) Whiners that are trying to attract attention, complaining, and lamenting. They always talk about how they are all bad, even worse than the other. People who are accustomed to think rationally, usually ignore these people, don’t spend mental energy on the negative.

2) Chronic whiners: these people live in a constant state of whining. They can be nothing to say, but will definitely regret yourself mentally.

Psychologists call this behavior “re-experience thoughts or problem without end”.

3) Whiners with low emotional intelligence: such people lack the capacity for empathy. They are not interested in your point of view, thoughts or feelings. You only have free ears. They will try to talk at every opportunity.

Whining, complaining life inevitably change thought processes. Thoughts, as you know, become beliefs, and they in turn — acts. We create our negative behavior through repetition.

Blame the brain in such a negative direction of thoughts?

Жалобы и нытье физически меняют ваш мозг! И это причина вашей подавленности

The fact that our brain is more sosredotochimsya on the negative circumstances and not positive. Dr. Rick Hanson, neuroscientist, author of “Buddha’s Brain”, writes:

“Negative incentives lead to greater neural activity than the same power of the positive. They are also perceived easier and faster.”


It is impossible to experience the feeling of happiness. To this and not to strive. However, all ways we have to counteract negative thinking.

Research has repeatedly shown that meditation and mindfulness is perhaps the most powerful tool for combating negativity.

Scientists from the University of North Carolina found that people who meditate every day have a more positive emotions than those who don’t.

Learn the basics of meditation and proper breathing, create a schedule and practice at your convenience. 15-20 minutes of daily meditation can make significant changes in your life. And your brain!

Be sure to listen to the advice of experts. Be healthy!

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