Complex scenario

Scénario complexe

The scenarios multiply as to the resumption of the activities of the national hockey League.

It is believed more and more that the NHL could resume its activities somewhere in June. It even suggests that it would be launching the season 2020-2021 December.

In short, everything is on the table.

Summarize the words of Gary Bettman.

  • Four cities will be identified to accommodate the teams, both to finish the regular timetable for the submission of the playoffs, providing for 16 games. All matches of the same association would be played at the same place. But where will be played the matches between the teams of the two associations. Example : Canada is preparing to play five games against teams from the Western conference prior to the termination of activities.
  • Ensure that the selected cities meet the requirements that will result in the consolidation of 16 teams for the season and eight for the series.
  • Amphitheatres of the NHL is needed as we will present at least three matches per day… to complete the calendar, and for the first round of the series.
  • Every city should have places where teams will be able to train every day, ice-skating rinks, numerous locker rooms that can accommodate thirty players, and sanitary conditions, as appropriate.

An interesting scenario, but also very complex.

It is probably for this reason that Bettman said : “However, we must realize that the doctors will decide the turn of events ; physicians and governments. “


We can draw up all the scenarios that we go through the head, some more daring than others, we will always be at the mercy of a terrible virus that can strike at any time.

  • Let’s assume that the NHL resumes activities, as it respects all the rules imposed by the doctors and the governments, that the players live in a ” closed retreat “, in the sense that they live in the same place. But if a player is infected, will it ?
  • Suppose that a member of staff accompanying a team is declared positive, that will do it ?
  • The american teams of the Pacific division, which will continue the activities in the Edmonton area-they do in June if Canada and the United States have still not opened their borders.
  • When should we give the green light for the return of the players to the training centres and the places where they will have to spend weeks away from their family ?

One can easily understand why the owners will try by all means to complete the regular season and make the playoffs.

It is only a question of money.

There is only one way to put an end to the concerns : a vaccine.

However, we need to wait for several months, even if great scholars of the world do not count the hours to find a formula to stop this virus.

For the moment, it was beautiful to present the scenarios as the most avant-garde, one must not forget that the priority remains the health.

The recovery plan that Gary Bettman leaves shimmer is interesting in the current circumstances.

But it depends entirely on the health…

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