Compliments men: whether they should speak and how to do it right

Комплименты мужчинам: стоит ли их говорить и как это делать правильно

Compliments acceptable to do to women, praising their beauty, skills and intelligence. But men also love to hear your nice words and praise. They, too, could and should make compliments, says chartered psychologist Anna Litvinchuk and explains how to do it right.
What is worth noting, is to make a compliment to a man there is nothing wrong or demeaning to women. They can become the basis of a flirt or just a good location to his men. To do compliments not only her lover but also to colleagues and friends. The main thing is to understand when they are appropriate and how to make them correctly.

For starters remove those diminutive words that often apply to women – honey, honey. For men, a compliment must is cost to the other parameters.

1. Do compliment the parts of the body

“You have strong hands”, “I feel good when you hold me”, “You’re so strong, I feel you in the male”, “you Have the look of a hunter, you’re eating me with your eyes”, “Usually I am hard to embarrass, but embarrass you”, “you’re easy to talk, you make me feel good”.

This way you show your man the recognition that the expression of his attention and hugs are important.

2. You can compliment its surroundings

For example: “you Have a very warm relationship with family/friends is a rarity.”

3. You can compliment his qualities

For example: “You are a very motivated, you always know what I want”, “You’re confident, I like that in you.”

“Try to compliment to add what you like! It is very important that a man know that you like it, or in what ways. Experiment! If a man is simply your employee, by analogy: “it is very important that such a purposeful man who works in my team” – and a compliment, and motivated, and in absentia thanked,” advises psychologist.

Tip: do not hesitate to make compliments to men, as in the situation of women’s compliments – they are great to raise the self-esteem and cheer.

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