Composed of the top 3 major mistakes novice drivers

Составлен топ-3 основных ошибок начинающих водителей

Experts have studied the main errors of young motorists and called the three most important.

Experts analyzed what mistakes usually committed by novice drivers and made a rating. It should be noted that the road is a place of danger and in the case of non-compliance with traffic rules, the motorist risks life and other road users. However, not only the rules affect traffic safety.

So, in the first place is the adjustment of the driver’s seat. Note that a properly configured chair also affects the reduction in the size of the blind zone of mirrors, allows you to comfortably operate the options on the dashboard, as well as the correct way to hold a steering wheel.

In second place is the inability to escape from external influences and in the case of any signals of an inexperienced driver can completely forget about driving. To calm the nervous system, it is possible to resort to breathing exercises, and stay for a while.

Closes rating sudden braking or rapid acceleration. Most often this is due to inexperience and inability to feel the pedals. It should be noted that sudden movements may create a hazard for other road users.

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