Comtet zaplanowa of the meeting was NATO in Ukraine

Комітет НАТО запланував засідання в Україні

In Academ vzhe started to preparation to the call of international cooperation of Ukraine that I zbroynih forces.

Viscovi comtet NATO zaplanowa the meeting was in Ukraine in March 2020 rock vono go through on bas National Academ suhoputnyh viysk, saying Academ chief Lieutenant-General Pavlo Tkachuk from Facebook.

“Trimas npharmacy from MS of Ukraine to NATO about those scho noprint March nastupnogo, 2020 rock on bas National Academ suhoputnyh viysk, etc Hetman Petro Sahaidachny I pgpooladmin the heart of a residential Chastain budesa visne the meeting was Vijskovomu cometo NATO”, — writing official.

For Yogo words, for Academ TSE special honor I velichutina modified.

“Collective Academ came to preparation tsogo nivalis entry of international cooperation of Ukraine that I zbroynih forces, dwellers maintain gdna of our kraïnu”, — added Tkachuk.

Members Vijskovomu cometo her superiors General stabw (holodnokatanuju) zbroynih forces countries-clev NATO, that sbiraetsya not rdse three rasv on year.

Viscovi comtet also conduct the meeting was W has partners (Ukraine, Georgia). From 2019 year waboose two of the meeting was cometo have format s with Ukraine.

Nagado, USA zaplanowane nails 30 years viyskovi navchannya in Clubbing.

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